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Solo Survivability Spec

solo survive guardian scepter shield mace sanctuary signet mastery consecration mastery tournament

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Posted 03 October 2012 - 04:12 PM

First of all, here's the build: http://www.gw2build.... ...

The idea behind this build is to survive on my own for an extended period of time; not just to last long enough for my support to arrive. The group I run with likes to push for a 3 cap as we have a lot of bursty/roamer dps. I'm often left alone at a node for long periods of time. I was using a hybrid defensive/retal build but since the retaliation nerf it just isn't cutting it anymore.

For my skills I picked Signet of Resolve (Signet Mastery trait), Signet of Justice (10% decreased dmg... CAN NOT pass up for solo survive), Sanctuary (Consecration Mastery takes 24 seconds off cooldown), and Stand Your Ground for the stability (necessary for node defending)

As for traits, I went 10 deep into Radiance to get the signet mastery. I did this because no matter what I was taking 5 points to get virtue of justice blind so I figured since I was already there and it is the most powerful heal, may as well.

Then I got your basic 30 Valor - Lose condition every 10 seconds, toughness w/ shield, and shield skills recharge faster. Remember this is a solo survive build.

Then, in Honor I only went 20 points to get Aegis heals on removal as I wanted the heal on dodge-roll and shouts recharge faster for my stand your ground.

I spent my last 10 points in Virtues to get Consecration Mastery since I use Sanctuary and the mastery takes a whole 24 seconds off the cooldown while giving it an extra 1.2 seconds of uptime.

I'm using Earth Runes as they really are the best for Survivability and a Clerics Amulet with Knight Jewel. With this setup I have roughly 1k healing which makes my dodgerolls heal for about 1k to myself and allies(also Energy sigil on both weapon sets to ensure when I switch I can dodge even more), 1900 toughness (1990 w/ shield) which is the sweet spot for staying up against almost anything, 1560 power which gives just enough kick to do some pretty decent dmg with the scepter, and 14k hp. While 14k may seem low, the toughness and healing from this build more than make up for it. Also it can be disheartening for an enemy to get you low only to have you pop your heal and go back to full health.

I'd use the weapon setup for all maps but Kyhlo where, if I was defending mid, I'd switch out scepter/focus for hammer.

So what do you think of this build for Solo Survivability?
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