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Ranged and support?

longbowbanners rifle support healing

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#1 Rhoellan Alts

Rhoellan Alts

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Posted 03 October 2012 - 05:38 PM

Ok, new to posting on the forums, but I have read them quite extensively. I have found similar threads that addressed some of my questions, but didn't give me everything I am looking for. I am looking to roll a ranged character because the melee and twitch classes are difficult on an older PC and with subpar connection speeds. I understand that I would not be maximizing the character, but I am hoping it can suit my play style.

I want to focus on longbow (just can't get into fantasy with guns thing, but I can be swayed) and be able to PVE single and multi-mob settings. For multi-mobs, longbow is awesome, for single mobs it is tough to kill anything before I fall asleep. I understand that rifle is better single target damage, but I am simply trying to make the longbow "viable" (hate that word) as the main source of my damage.

So, I want to be able to hunt from a range and have decent survivability. Additionally, I would like to bring buffs, healing and whatnot to a group. I am currently level 10, so I have no idea of how to spec, what to focus on or what build to use to accomplish this.

Maybe it can't be done.

That said; does + healing do anything? Does longer banners really help? Shouts or banners? What to use for weapon swap (rifle, GS, etc) that compliments the longbow set up?

The goal is to be able to PVE fairly well and then be able to support group events extremely well (at a distance, LOL). Any feedback on specifics to accomplish this (if it is possible) would be appreciated!

Yes, I already have a guardian and their ranged damage (in my opinion) is worse than the warrior, hence why I am here!
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#2 Mcjimmytonic


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Posted 03 October 2012 - 09:51 PM

Hey there. I'm also going for a Longbow over a Rifle (Even if people keep saying it's rubbish single target) but like you, I can't stand the look of a Warrior with a Gun.

Basically i'm using an Axe/Warhorn for solo roaming pve because of the speed boost, with the Longbow in the other hand - I have 15 points in Discipline to get the Fast Hands trait which reduces weapon swapping by 5 seconds. This really makes me feel like the Longbow is a viable option due to the fact that I can use up all my useful Longbow utilities/attacks and then switch back to my axe. If i'm taking too many hits, I can kite for a bit (Longbow is quite a nice kiting weapon in my opinion). Dungeons I run the same, only I swap my Warhorn for a shield - self explanatory really.

I know i'm not helping a great deal due to the fact that you don't want to be in melee range - but i'm just saying with the Fast Hands trait from Discipline, you don't have to be stuck with the Longbow's autoattack mid-combat.

I've seen a nice "Run and Gun" build that uses a Rifle and Axe/Warhorn. Warhorn is nice to get away and gain some distance, because one Warhorn ability gives you 33% run speed for 10 seconds, with a 20 second cooldown and the other gives you 100% Endurance Regen for 10 seconds, 20 second cooldown (Also puts Weakness on your target for 6 seconds).

Now I don't know if exchanging the Rifle for a Longbow and running a Longbow/AxeWarhorn setup would be viable for mainly ranged but it might work. With that Fast Hands trait from Discipline it'd fit together nicely I reckon. Maybe if you can squeeze yourself into melee for just a moment to pull off a quick Eviscerate from your axe and pull back out - or would it lag quite badly?

Also to add i'm putting 30 points in the Tactics tree to get the "Vigorous Shouts" trait which gives each shout a quick heal. I use two shouts "For Great Justice" and "Shake it off" and "Balanced Stance". Got two shouts there which will heal, and if you put Superior Runes of the Soldier in your armor, your shouts will also remove a condition. I have Balanced Stance for Stability when i'm getting CC'd a lot.

That's the stuff i'm running (I'm only level 44) but it's the build i'm working towards.

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#3 Steelkat


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Posted 04 October 2012 - 02:02 PM

It will work if you replace the rifle with the longbow but it will lack all the synergy that the "Run and Gun" gets. Look, if you know what you're doing, you can do just about anything in this game with any build. I've run so many explorables at this point that I think you could randomly assign utilities and trait points to me and I could get by. The goal is to maximize your value of each trait point, though.

If you want to run with a longbow, you would do best to figure out a way to get the longbow traits, which unfortunately do not exist in the same heavy defense/arms trait trees that "Run and Gun" invests in, along with the traits for the other weapon you want to use. Axe/Warhorn. Warhorn does benefit from Tactics, so if you want Axe/Warhorn + Longbow, you might want to do something like 20/10/0/20/20 and leverage the axe and longbow related traits.

I think we all get caught up on "best build" and I think as Warriors have the luxury of having an amazing array of weapon choices at our disposal. There is room to craft a build that allows you to play the weapons you like and still be viable.

One closing note. Don't worry so much about condition removals. There are classes with popular builds that ooze condition removal. In an instance just stay near them and communicate. It's always good to have an on-demand condition removal. One. That's it. IMHO.
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