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Looking for level 80 armor

armor 80 crafting mesmer pvp wvwvw karma

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#1 tangoesp


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 06 October 2012 - 08:16 AM

Hi!. Well I just hit 80 and I'm wondering where I can buy an armor with Power, precision (or critical damage), and vitality on its stats. I can change vitality for thoughness. In fact I want to mix them.

Also I'm looking for weapons with the same stats and for power/precision/critical power jewelry. With a vitality/thoghtness/healing amulet.

I'm doing my own investigations about this. But I'm a bit lost. Thanks for the answers ^^
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#2 Jio Derako

Jio Derako

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Posted 06 October 2012 - 01:28 PM

Three main ways to go about it; Trading Post, crafting, or dungeon rewards. For the most part, TP will be your cheapest option, though if you've already amassed a lot of crafting materials, crafting's usually not far behind. (Dungeons are of course "free", but you'll be spending a lot of time running them before you've got enough tokens for a set.)

GW2wiki's article on item nomenclature should clear things up for you in terms of what stat combinations you can get; Valkyrie gives Power/Critical/Vitality, while Knight's gives Toughness/Power/Precision. If an item is named, say, "Knight's Pearl Greatsword", that means it's got the Knight's stat combination on it.
Dungeon armors cover I believe all of the stat types, but it varies from one dungeon to another; make sure to check the dungeon's vendor beforehand to see what you can get, and how many tokens it'll take. Crafting uses Insignia or Inscriptions, so using a Knight's Insignia will get you Knight's armor. And TP of course, just search for the type you want.
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