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How You Make a Build


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#1 matsif


    Seraph Guardian

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Posted 06 October 2012 - 09:05 PM

just wondering what everyone's approach is when making a build for any class in this game is. Do you focus on your weapon, your utility skills, an elite, traits, a general idea you had, etc.

For me, I usually focus on a weapon first. From there I focus on my utility skills and an elite that fits with my skills, then build my traits around my skills.
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#2 Howl


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Posted 06 October 2012 - 09:26 PM

First I take a look at all the weapon skills, utilities, elites, traits, etc, everything available.
Then if I find any cool synergies between two or more things that seems viable, I build around that, but I usually I build around what I like better at first impression, for example, maybe there's this trait that I think it's awesome and I build around it, or around certain weapons like you said, but that could be anything.
Then I play with the build a lot and start tweaking it, and that's a long long process.

If it's a class I already know a lot of it (skills and traits wise) I can make builds based on condition/toughness/precision, power/precision/critdmg, etc too.
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#3 Maxtofunator


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Posted 06 October 2012 - 11:50 PM

I normally build somewhat around weapons, to an extent. I feel like since you use the first 5 skills the most, those are the most used skills, and make sure I at least get the traits to compliment those if I can, though that isn't a necessity. I will then pick utilities that help round out my build usually, such as condition removal if I need more of it, or defensive skills possibly. My healing and elite skills are almost always based purely on what I want.
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#4 AKGeo


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Posted 07 October 2012 - 01:18 AM

Seeing as the fighting is a lot more dynamic in this game than in GW1, I've cast off the "build-making" shackles that were required in GW1 and now simply go with what feels good with my perferred playstyle. It's easy to figure out which weapon sets you like early on when the mobs aren't hard enough to punish you for wading in and testing the waters too much. This allows you to get into a groove with your preferred sets. This is the reason I never got into engineer...rifle, pistol/pistol, or pistol/shield. Not much variety there. You need kits to get variety, and you need to use skill points to test those kits. So once you find a kit that works for you, you reroll your character and trait straight to that kit. Not fun.

Then as you level up and come across more and more diversity in enemies than the simple hits and projectiles, you have the ability to refine your traits, skills and gear that will fill in any gaps that you discover. Like if you're getting hit with a ton of straight damage, you might want to up your toughness. if they're consistently getting you down in health but not enough to kill you, you can focus more on power and precision to help kill THEM faster.

If you prefer more of a support build, you should make yourself harder to kill, meaning toughness and vitality. It's all about playstyle. As for the skills themselves...the good thing about GW2 is that while you're not in combat, you can change it all on the fly. If you're in an area with a ton of conditions, bring heavy condition removal. if you have a ton of condition removal and enter a zone with a lot of heavy physical damage but no conditions, change out for some defensive skills or some conditions of your own. It's all dynamic, very ORGANIC, and one build is not going to rule them all. There's not much of a "meta" in this game, at least for PvE, and if you have a build that you enjoy playing, it's going to make you more helpful in a group regardless of what you do. That allows you to change things up a bit without people QQ'ing. I take that opportunity to load up on magic find stats simply so i can get better, rarer gear that'll work best for me.
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#5 axjv


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Posted 07 October 2012 - 05:04 PM

Typically I will try and take full advantage of a particular aspect of the class mechanics. Usually I will pick my weaponsets first, then figure out traits, and finally finish the gear.

For example, the Thief can evade attacks + deal damage with no cooldown by spending initiative. Rolling with D/D + Shortbow fit my playstyle best, and Death Blossom is an amazing skill. So when I built my Thief, I focused on evades and initiative regeneration. Ended up getting full Carrion gear for extra survivability + good Malice.

My Mesmer, on the other hand, is able to mass-produce clones that don't really do much without traits. I really enjoyed the offensive power of the Greatsword and defensive utility of the Staff. Since GS clones spawn right on top of the enemy, I ended up traiting for on-clone-death effects, snaring and weakening mobs in an AoE while also increasing my damage potential. Going Power/Precision was viable because of the Mesmer's innate survivability.

As for Guardian, they have a lot going for them in the form of spammable party buffs and virtues. Depending on the situation, I would swap between a GS set and a Staff set. As such, I trait for additional effects on shouts and stronger Virtues. Stacking Healing Power/Toughness/Vitality in that order seemed to work best when playing a party-oriented Guardian.

Every time I build a character I try to pick traits and gear that will synergize with everything else in the build. For example, my Mesmer will gain vigor on crit, and creates clones on dodge. Vigor = more dodges = more clones. Since I have so many clones, I trait for increased damage per active clone. These clones will then explode when killed (killed also includes overwriting, so even if mobs don't attack clones they will still explode due to a ridiculous rate of clone generation) inflicting two conditions (Cripple and Bleeding/Weakness/Vulnerability), which will help me survive and improve the power of my attacks (especially Phantasmal Warlock). I also trait for an additional bounce on attacks, which synergizes with the Sigil of Fire that I run. Since I usually swap to Staff to kite when mobs are closing in on me, I run a Sigil of Hydromancy to freeze nearby foes on swap. Finally, I have all of the standard cooldown reduction traits that just make your weapons better.

That pretty much covers every single trait I have on my current build, and every part of my build has a purpose and synergy. I also try to include at least some party support in my utilities and weapon selection.

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