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Gear for Trapmaster Build?

trap trapmaster armor gear ranger

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#1 ThatGuyInBlue


    Pale Tree Seedling

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Posted 07 October 2012 - 05:18 PM

Hi guys,

I really like do play as trapmaster, controller of mobs , the nemesis of trash and so on but i'm struggling with my gear selection.

My Build now

Right now I'm using Rampagers armor(Power/Precision/Con.Dmg) do balance my AoE dmg and singel target dmg with shortbow. On accessories I use Power/Vitality/Con.Dmg for survivability.

As a trapper with Rampagers armor I don't think I fully utilize my Con.dmg and here comes my first big question.
What armor should I use this may also include accessories?

Second question is about Vitality vs Toughness?
In PvE mobs don't usually use condition damage so I favor for toughness but I like do hear you thoughts.
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#2 Placebo


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 09 October 2012 - 01:21 PM

hello fellow trapper ^^

NB: I will talk about PVE (solo, dungeons) and let WvW, sPvP experts answer about these fields I do NOT master

I use traps 98% of the time with a build similar to yours ...

my skills for dungeons are crowd control (CC) based : spike (cripple), frost (chill), muddy (immobilize, cripple), entangle (immobilize)

when you do not need CC, you may use any or all of the folowings : spirits or signet of the hunt (when speed is needed like in some parts of CoF) or quickening zephyr (when you need dps) or seek and rescue (at wurm fights in TA) or etc ... there's no "100% of the time" OP build ... learn the mobs attacks, weaknesses and *adapt*

as for your concerns, gear it's pretty simple : berserker all the way ... this is a valid choice for Orr and the dungeons Im farming at the moment

I've been using a exotic lvl78 berserker duelist set since day 14 after launch and this is working very well ... runes of the centaur, because they're cheap and have great sinergy with ranger prof. ...
bought green lvl80 berserker accessories and swiching (as the gold comes) to exotic lvl80 now
weapons : exotic lvl80 pearl SB, axe & WH ... berserker again

I'm also using the CM set ... its a carrion based with magic find runes dedicated for Orr farming or easy dungeon runs
I'm also farming TA (got some parts), which is a carrion based with uber condition % and damage
now I'm farming CoF for the berserker set with my exotic lvl78 berserker

as you can see I do NOT use either VIT nor TOU on any armor piece, weapon, accessory, rune, etc.
I have 15.082 HP and this is enough in Orr and farming the dungeons Im farming (i.e. AC, CM, TA, CoF) as long as your gear is DPS focused : BERSERKER or CARRION

IF you feel too squishy THEN I recommend you to train trapping/dps pet/dodging in Orr (with always a spike trap up between you and the mob, you pull by throwing a flame trap, for ex.) ... when you feel a lil more comfy, try with 2 then with 3 ...

>>> reflexes, dodging, timing, positioning <<<

you're a DPS not a tank ... you win (survive the fight) because you kill fast and nothing can touch you (dodge, quick shot, lignthning reflexes, call of the wild, rampage as one, rune of the centaur)

Knowledge is Power ... if you know the dungeon scenario, boss strengths and weaknesses, what mobs to kill in what order, what ones to not kill, when that d4mn Captain Kohler will eat you if you dont react in less than 2 seconds, you do not need 20k HP (believe me, I tried 5 AC runs with a rare 80 valkyrie set with runes of the soldier, its useless if you dont have the strategy =)

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#3 f1aws


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Posted 09 October 2012 - 11:28 PM

Are using traps with Rabid gear and Carrion trinkets viable? Using condition damage weapons and traps instead of power/crit?

for WvW that is.
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#4 Cobalt60


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 10 October 2012 - 04:03 AM

Going to be honest, your post started out good but I stopped reading when you started changing the text to very difficult to read colours. Don't do this.
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#5 ThatGuyInBlue


    Pale Tree Seedling

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Posted 11 October 2012 - 04:50 PM

as for your concerns, gear it's pretty simple : berserker all the way ...

Sorry for so late reply, I was far away from civilisation :D. Now if I understand correctly I should boost my DPS and only use traps for ground control so my main weapon(SB) could do mountains of dmg. That sounds pretty fun, I'll try that out.

One quick question: should I use dps pet or tank pet(dps pet pulls pretty good but doesn't have survivability as for tank pet... well thats just obvious i'll let you figure out for whats tank good for ) >D

For my ending words I like do thank

For his informative and interesting post,
NB: I like colorful storys but this was bit do bright even for me :D
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