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guild wars 2 ideas disappoint

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Posted 09 October 2012 - 03:19 PM

1. ArenaNet says: People do not have to join a guild to gain valuable item. Friends have created guilds.
- And I answer: How can I find friends since the lack of common goals? How long can I play with my friends without having a meaningful purpose? Objectives for WvWvW are fleeting and not specific, individually none of it is.
2. ArenaNet says: Splitting the roles of players TANK, HEAL, DPS, etc. is unnecessary, anyone can be anyone. Each dungeon can be completed without division into specific roles.
- And I answer: This situation is the next blow to the guild community, we do not need to know to complete the dungeon. No one feels special and needed in the game, everyone is the same. Is it worth it to improve something that is reliable and good?
My reflections:
Why have not entered the 10-man raids, and more? Perhaps because they had run out of time, but I think a better argument is the lack of adequate reward for the raid. What to give a prize for 10-man raid if the guild will be no need to get epic gear?
What is the fun of the world boss fight? My answer is: no fun. Spam click and wait until it goes down, all the anonymous people around me. Where month training tactics with your guild to bring down powerful boss?
Pervasive anonymity. I am self-sufficient is no need to do anything to me except WvWvW. I do not feel the need to meet new people. (Solo Wars 2 ? wtf!)
Guild Wars 2 is a great contents and system tasks, the perfect start to the best game in the world. Unfortunately, the strength pushed through innovative ideas and solutions, spoiled a beautiful image.
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