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Couple of questions ! PLEASE HELP !

buying purchase offical site purchase help

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#1 123pandamaster123


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Posted 11 October 2012 - 12:49 PM

Hello Everyone ;

I am very much intrested in buying the game and i have a lot of doubts !. First of all i would like to telll you that i am from India and have played Guild wars 1 Prophecies and EOTN ,and have played couple of other MMOs; and lot of other RPG games
But this is the 1st time im going for online shopping so need help from you guys to help me decide

I have a couple of questions

1) If i buy the game from the official website using credit card how will i get the game ! will it be digital or a box copy ??? and will be able to play it in india ?

2) And if it is digital - which email ID would i recieve the serial key ? the one which i enter during the purchase or the one during the registration???

3) Which is the better option to buy the game! through the offical site or other sites like amazon; flipkart... etc [ boxed or digital ]

4) Honest opinion of the game if soloing !! [even though i have 2 other friends]

5) I know that u have to download the game and the file size is huge but if we buy the box will it reduce the download time considerably !!!

6) What is the min internet speed required to play all the zerg wvwvw or Dynamic Events without Lag ?? Is 2MBPS sufficient ?

7) Will i be able to run the game fine with the following Specs :
>HP laptop - Intel core i7 ; 4Gb ram ; AMD 6770m ; 500GB HDD ;
>any issues with the AMD card ??

8) And the info of the servers which we need to choose to pick in the starting.

Sorry for the Long Post...
Thanks In advance for all your help ?
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#2 dreanor


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Posted 11 October 2012 - 02:17 PM

1. The offical website only sells digital versions and yes, you are able to buy/play it in india.
2. That would probably the one that you already used with your guild wars 1 account.
3. Depends which version you want. (SE, DE, CE or boxed)
4. You can do pretty much everything solo except Dungeons.
5. Don't know what you mean there.
6. That's plenty.
7. You'll be fine with that. (Don't know if you can play on the highest settings, but it will work)
8. Since you are from India you will be playing on the NA servers. Here is a list with all servers and guilds.

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#3 123pandamaster123


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Posted 12 October 2012 - 03:33 AM

Thanks a lot!!!
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#4 Kamatsu


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Posted 12 October 2012 - 04:49 AM

1) As stated already, the official website only sells the digital version. And you can play GW2 from India, there should be no reason for you to not be able to play.
2) When you purchase the game from the official site, it will send an e-mail to the e-mail address you nominate (you can't buy from the official site without nominating an e-mail address anyways). The serial code will be in that e-mail, and that e-mail will have a link that you can use to then create / register a GW2 account. When registering your account you can use a different e-mail address to register your GW2 account to if you want, or you can use the same e-mail address you used when purchasing the game.
3) It depends - do you want/need a boxed version or not. If your just after the game, then digital will likely be better for you. Otherwise if you want a boxed version, you will need to buy it from a retailer (like Amazon). Or if you don't care, buy whichever will be cheaper for you. The boxed version's don't come with anything special - just a box and an install disc.
4) Game is solo'able with any profession. The only aspect's of the game which are not solo'able are the dungeons and group events, but everything else is solo'able - and group events are not all that often, like one per zone or so (the vast majority of content is solo'able).
5) Boxed set won't reduce the download size by much. The install CD comes only with the install client on it - the same client you can download online (from the "client" section on the GW2 account section). So your still looking at a ~14.5-15 GB download
6) 2MB connection will be fine to play GW2.
7) That should run GW2, if you want you can post your specs in our "Can I run GW2?" thread in Tech support, and they'll be able to give you a better idea about how well your system can run GW2.
8) As your from India, you will be placed automatically to the US data system, but you can choose to play on any server you want. You can play on either EU or US server's if you want.The official server list can be found (here). If you want to see what guilds are active on what servers, you can either go through our Guild Recruitment forum, see what guilds are actively recruiting from what server, or check out GW2 Guilds & check out their guild listing for EU or US servers.
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