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Glutton For Punishment – My Love Affair with the Mace

dual wield mace dungeon build damage dps build control support love of maces

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Posted 15 October 2012 - 06:56 PM

The Warrior is my 2nd 80 and definitely a class I never thought I would love. I felt it would be such an easy class after my thoroughly enjoyed elementalist. However, my rping heart wanted a warrior, and my love of dual wielding Axes and Swords caused me to roll a class with so many weapon choices. I am an odd duck in that I dislike the Greatsword, find dual axes boring, and find the rifle to be very limiting.

As I leveled, I found that for some odd reason, I kept coming back to the maces only to be disappointed in their damage output and slow pacing. I would leave the maces for a better feel, my current build runs Condition/LB Banner build, but no matter how much I fled from those beasts of sluggish burden they kept calling to me. I researched, struggled, and pursued many builds in my pursuit of my beloved and hated maces. While running healing shouts and gear seemed like a great approach, I found myself in constant pain at my lack of damage output.

"I struggled with this much-maligned love. I put her away for a time, but the humor of Mace 3, brutality of mace 1, and beauty of Mace 5 kept reminding me of how good it could be. Mace 4 snickered at me with her vulnerable side appealing to me as mace 2 blocked all my advances and left me longing for more. In the end, I couldn’t get past that the Mace Burst was so lack luster all that build up for 3 seconds of nothing. It was defeating, and so I left my love for the beautiful synergy of S/S LB Banner.

However, I was always looking over my shoulder at the ugly maces (you ever noticed how horrible most of the maces look, I did find some maces that looked good though). It was during a run when one of my guildees mentioned in passing that he wondered about those odd traits that stack damage and crit chance via adrenaline. I pondered that it didn’t make sense since the Burst abilities are so amazing who would give it up for a meager a bit more damage. It was then that it all clicked. What was the best way to bring my lovely maces back, but to maximize the damage while ignoring that ugly Burst until it was needed. The sun had rose and my days seemed brighter as I left my swords weeping at the altar of conditions and raced to my beloved. “

The truth is that maces are slow, ugly, and have perhaps the worst burst trait. So maximizing their effectiveness is tough considering how good the Axes and how strong the swords can be when stacking conditions. However, I found a way that maximizes the damage of the maces. Here is my DW mace build.

Mace Damage Build – Berzerker Gear/Berzerker Weapons/Knight Trinkets – Rune of the Soldier – Sigils of Peril and debility

Mace Control Build – Knight Gear/Berzerker Weapons/Berzerker Trinkets – Rune of the Pack

The craziest part is with this build and with Vulnerability and Fury rolling, I have seen 2k crit on the auto attack and that’s without exotic gear simple lvl 75 blue weapons. I never test in expensive gear :P. You can also go Shouts for maximum burst, Banners for group buffs, or physical Utility skills for some kick-butt control.

I have tried running with Frenzy, but I think it's too long a CD for a 4 second ability, but it is amazing with Mace auto.

I honestly think you can run with Berzerker Gear if you are rolling with Maces, but I haven't had the guts to try it yet haha.
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