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Forever Knights RP/PvE Guild (Piken Square)

rp roleplay rp guild

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Posted 16 October 2012 - 03:01 PM

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Forever Knights is an established role-playing guild open to all (good, evil and neutral). We are a guild for people who truly love to play their characters and those who love to write, role-play their characters, enjoy PvE and take an active part in events!

Feel free to browse around our site, to gain information of who we are and what we do, you are most welcome to visit our forums - a vital part of our guild and where our stories are woven. Within our guild we have a large group of creative writers, movie makers and artists, anyone with an artistic flair is welcome here!

We're here for you - role-players old and new! Forever Knights - home of friendship, role-playing and much much more...

Guild Name [and tag]: Forever Knights [Wyrm]

Site: Forever Knights

Forum: Forever Knights Forum

ArenaNet Achievement: Forever Knights Guild of the week

Guild Twitter: Forever Knights Twitter

Guild Videos: Forever Knights Youtube

Contact: Calaval Elwvyan

Recruitment Status: Open.

Guild Background: Forever Knights formed in 2000 AD originally as an order of holy crusaders participating in Vampire the Masquerade Redemption. During that time, strong bonds were forged and a hardcore group of gamers have adventured in various online games together ever since.

In 2002 the Forever Knights sought a new gaming experience and to Neverwinter Nights they journeyed. With its rich role-playing environment it was here that much our lore that remains today was born.

In 2005 Forever Knights formed in Guild Wars and there they won much acclaim, and did become the first PvE/RP guild to gain the title of guild of the week, this was the first of their many great achievements in Guild Wars. Scores of new members joined during this time and great lasting companionship among knights flourished.

2010 saw Forever Knights begin to play other online games including Age of Conan and Lord Of The Rings Online, whilst ever looking forward to the release of Guild Wars 2.

Yet what the future holds we can only imagine, what however is certain is the Forever Knights shall continue to live by its code of honour and seek to inspire others wherever they roam...

Role-Play Requirements: New applicants who successfully pass our application form and comply with our rules join Forever Knights on a trial basis gaining the role of an acolyte. During that time they are required to add a biography to their character(s) as we take a player's depth of character and the ability to role-play seriously.

Our purpose is to adventure and role-play with mature minded gamers as we explore together the Guild Wars 2 universe, while most importantly of all, having a great time in doing so!

Story Arcs: Forever Knights have many ever evolving guild centred storylines and plots, each is engineered to immerse your character in role-play and designed to share the adventure with those around you! Our very name is from a story arc itself, but look deeper and you’ll find we are so much more...

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