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Krakatoa- The Eruption Elementalist (PvE Dungeon Build)

pve dungeon elementalist build guide condition damage

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#91 Loperdos


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Posted 17 May 2013 - 01:46 PM

View PostKitsune, on 12 April 2013 - 04:04 AM, said:


So I apologize for necroing, but I was honestly curious what current Elementalists thought about this build, and staff builds in general?  I recently~ish picked my Ele back up after a long break from it and have been dinking around leveling up with the best rendition of this particular build as I level and have been liking it quite a bit, both for solo play and for group play.  As it stands, my knowledge on Ele is somewhat limited and was curious what some more experienced players think.

Thanks in advance for all your comments! :)

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Posted 30 May 2013 - 09:33 PM

I decided to do a derivitive of this build. I'm still buying parts, but I am fairly pleased with the "on paper" results.

The biggest difference is that I use a lot of cantrips as condition cleaners / stability instead of summoning weapons. I also am speccing a bit more defensively, but that's me.

Instead of focusing on bleeds, I went for a hybrid with 2 centaur and 4 mad king runes (mad kings are pricey though) The result is 30% bleed duration from runes and 10% general condition duration from runes. Stack on top of that another 20% bleed duration and another 10% from traits, and I find that to be a good place for my playstyle.

I'm not done tuning it yet, but my trait setup is 10/0/30/10/20 . Other than the Blasting Staff trait, everything else seems serviceable if I swap to (dagger/scepter) + focus which would be my next choice in terms of loadouts.

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Posted 03 June 2013 - 02:37 PM

I use a similar build right now, which I haven't heard anyone else bothering with.

Carrion armor with Runes of the Elementalist, Rampager staff with Sigil of Doom (Energy would likely be better), Celestial or Carrion Jewelry.

Traits are 20/0/20/0/30

The traits are:

Burning Fire - Conjure Axe and Conjure Sword do extra Burning
Conjurer - Conjured weapons have 10 more charges

Earth's Embrace - Armor of Earth at 50% health
Serrated Stones - 20% Bleed Duration

Arcane Mastery - 20% reduced Arcane cooldown
Blasting Staff - Bigger staff AoE
Elemental Surge - Arcane skills add conditions based on attunement

Utilities are:

Ether Feast
Arcane Power
Arcane Blast (often swapped for Wave)
Conjure Fiery Axe (often swapped for Frost Bow)
Conjure Fiery Greatsword

So, the basics of playing the build are as follows.  Elemental Surge works with Arcane Power.  That means that you can have 5 attacks that add either Burning, Blind, Chill, or Immobilize.  That means you can cast Eruption, swap to Fire and flip Arcane Power and have it proc 5 seconds of Burn (+ Condi Duration) on top of the normal Bleeds.  It also works with conjured weapon skills, so you can conjure a greatsword and swap to Water to have attacks that proc Chill and Burn at the same time (for example).  Arcane Blast is a great, short-cooldown, instant cast for getting condis on stuff quickly.  My favorite use of it is dropping a Fire or Ice field on something and firing the blast into it for a very long duration Burn or Chill (depending on what you need).

Finally, and probably the coolest combo with this is summoning fiery greatsword, swapping to Air, popping Arcane Power and blinding something 5 times in a row with the basic auto attack.  That's over 5 seconds of near immunity, and you still haven't used any of your other mobility skills.  This can be a bit buggy, since greatsword is technically an AoE and if you hit more than one thing with the attack it consumes multiple charges of Arcane Power.

I started out with the Eruption spam build, but I changed over to this because I found I needed far more versatility and mobility in all game modes (especially WvW).  Elemental Surge gives me that, and the damage isn't bad either.  Burn stacking isn't nearly as high damage as Bleed, but it's still very good and with this build you can do both.  The downside is that the OP's build has far higher Bleed stacking ability, and probably higher overall damage as well.  Still, I found it too one-dimensional for my taste after trying it.

Lastly, the biggest downside of my build is that Arcane Power is an incredibly buggy skill.  Some things consume all the charges at once.  Some things don't consume enough.  The skill has been fixed multiple times and is far more usable than it was at release (because it was nearly unusable at release).  That said, using it as a primary, "On Cooldown" sort of skill is certainly a learning experience.

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