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Posted 20 October 2012 - 05:37 PM


I'm here on behalf of our guild "Only fools with horses".

We're a guild that has been together across various games for many years including (but not exclusive to) GW1, EQ2, SWTOR, WoW and just about pretty much any single MMO you could shake a stick at (10 times, then hand it in for a small amount of exp and go back out and shake it 15 more times for slightly more exp the next time).

Having been together ( no, not in that way), for many years, we have decided that it's time we went on some sort of recruitment drive to look for like minded individuals to join is in our epic quest to be deceivingly average at lots of things and to have a laugh whilst doing so.

If being average at things, doing dungeons, spvp, WVW and all pretty much any game content, appeals to you.. you could do a lot worse than go here http://ofwh.enjin.com/ or meet us in game with such worthy names as Arterus, Kanyon Ranger, Mortis the Ranger, Moggles, Volgamor or ..umm.. I dunno.. make one up.. let's see..............er....Jarrim... that'll do..

We have about 2 rules 1) Try not to be a knob 2) See rule 1.

We do prefer over 25's, however exceptions will be made to people who are dead good and all that,

We are on the Gandara server, having recently moved from RoS and have Mumble, forums and all that jazz that you'd expect a bunch of people with nothing better to do, to have.

Now that I have your attention, or not, if you've skipped the above and have only read this but, you've missed out really. I mean, come on, read it, it took me ages that. I bet you missed that bit up there where I said that thing that was cool..

TL;DR We want you to join us in some guild based dungeon and pvp stuff and it would be handy if you weren't an idiot.

Oh, and we're EU based, so unless you're some sort of weird nightowl, then bear that in mind.. unless you like to be lonley in GC of course.

Is this enough?


Yeah, that should do it.

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#2 Kanyon


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Posted 04 November 2012 - 08:48 AM


We are still on the look out for more people on the Gandara server to join us for our dungeon and general gaming side.

A lot of us are rolling alts at the moment, so levelling up is also available as a team.
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