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best Ranger Armor stats and Runes

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#1 goose1x1x1


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Posted 21 October 2012 - 06:08 PM

So i've been looking to build a condition ranger, and am running TA to get the armor for it, I was looking through the stats they had and i saw they had two different sets.

1 was for Precison, Toughness, and Condition Dmg
224 Precison
224 toughness
315 condition dmg

the other was Power, Precision, and Condi dmg

224 Power
315 preciosn
224 condition dmg

The first set with toughness actually has more condition dmg then the power and precision set.

I was wondering if anyone knew if the extra condition dmg was worth losing the extra power. As a glass canon ranger i dont really need the toughness, i dont really get agro that much. But i dont know if I should just go all out and max out the condition dmg as much as i can.

Also, which runes do you guys reccomend for a power/precison build and for a condtion build?

I was looking at the Scholer, Ogre, and rune of the ranger and they all look about the same to me.

I've also been reading that poeple like to use sigil of earth for the extra bleeding as well, is that whay everyones using?

thanks guys
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#2 guybrush


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Posted 22 October 2012 - 06:35 AM

for what i've understood, by myself, you can go for a signet power build (berserker gear and the runes that you wrote) or a trapper condition build ( mixing TA set atm ). i think for hing level dungeon toughness is needed but i'm trying to understand how much, for condition build btw runes with +%crit damage are not the best solution cause cond damage cant crit, for the toughness set i will say undead but keep in mind that atm you dont have a pve alternative at rabid pvp amulets so for your jewelry just stick with coral or at least some green accessory from karma vendor in orr. or the nightmare rune is also a good solution. i'm trying to understand which one is the best solution for a ranger (condition or power build) but is pretty difficoul whitout a combat log or a parse, i will appreciate any comment about it with some kind of theorycrafting. My doubt atm are :
1) the bleed caps
2) sigil on weapon
playing as trapper btw makes me fell more useful for the group (combo field, kiting and chilling stuff) and gives me for sure much more aoe damage. but i miss signet of the beastmaster (panic button FTW) .
For sure we need some love from Anet, pets ai and surv, sword locking and some combo finisher.

p.s. sorry for my bad english
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