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Armor Box

armor gear

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#1 actionjack


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Posted 23 October 2012 - 04:51 AM

Playing around with a quick idea of Armor Box, see what people thinks.

Armor Box is a armor set (hold up to 6 pieces), compressed into a box (where it will only take up one slot in your inventory). The more basic concept is where you double click to open the box up, and in it, is a set of armor (can only hold one of each piece, so to avoid using it as additional storage).

A more complex form of the idea is to have a place (say home instance, or in the menu/bank) where you can gain access to a Armor Dummy (can purchase more with gems) There, you can put your armor piece on the dummy, and it will out put a box. From than on, instead of opening that box up, you can just equip that box (in an added character inventory slot), and it will equipped that set on you. (You still retain the armor you are wearing, but not its stats. The armor will "overtake" your current wear, but you don't have to de-equipp). When you want to change sets, just de-equip or change that box. (However, since it come in sets, you can not just change one piece of it.

The goal is two fold. One allow player more role changing choice but allow them to change up their armor (say a warrior want to change from a dps to a tank), but save the hassle of dragging another set with them. The other goal is to give player more incentive to Collect armor, and mix match their looks, which help add on to the end games.

See what you think.
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#2 SurfMasta


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Posted 26 October 2012 - 12:14 AM

I like the idea very much. I hate having to carry around such cool armor and fill it up in bank spaces in which I actually need to hold other items.

And didn't Anet say something about makable homes that you could decorate and edit in your home-instance coming later in the game?
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