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Has Venom Sharing Changed in Two Months?

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#1 Graham_Specter


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Posted 23 October 2012 - 11:24 PM

Hey guys,

Due to my increased desire to play "everything and anything" about my profession before making a decision on final builds and such, I decided to give Venom Sharing a look - 30/0/30/0/10 - the "Typical" trait setup (And probably the best way to get the most out of venoms) as well as Spider, Skale and Devourer with Thieves' Guild as an elite.

I was wondering how many, if any, changes have been made to this formula since launch - I understand we have recieved nerfs in some areas and buffs in others. Also, I was wondering if there was - potentially - a better utility skill to use than Skale Venom. I do enjoy the Weakness quite a bit, but once I hit 15 Deadly the only thing it'll offer over Spider Venom is Vulnerability (Which, unless I'm mistaken, doesn't boost condition damage and even if it did in cases where it'd be actually useful there are plenty of more efficent ways to proc it - Like Body Shot for instance).

I'm looking at Shadow Refuge for another Stealth skill as well as another team support option (The build is built around Sneak Attack). So I'd be running a build that looks something like this.


Keep in mind the Carrion Amulet is simply a placeholder for the "Carrion" equipment I plan to get. I've run the numbers, and it seems like I should be around those levels with that gear - it seems to fit what others have told me as well. Full exotics, of course.

Runes and Sigils may be swapped out for major variants - I'm trying to stick to a budget of about ~30 gold all told. I'm not sure if this would have a major effect on DPS - In fact, I may switch out two afflicted for Centaur since Poison duration is really not that major of an issue.

Any thoughts, comments or concerns? Please let me know.
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#2 ivonbeton


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Posted 30 October 2012 - 04:41 AM

Still haven't done a venom sharing build, but it's also on my to-do-list
Bookmarked :)

Edited by ivonbeton, 30 October 2012 - 04:41 AM.

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#3 Subjugate


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Posted 30 October 2012 - 06:27 PM

Poison only stacks in duration. Immob is a convenience in PvE, meaning you don't really need it but its nice to have. Weakness, Vuln, and Chill are probably the more useful conditions to apply, but none require any condition damage gear. These latter 3 are probably the venoms you want to be focusing on since most likely venom sharing works based on everyones individual condition damage, which means it would be pretty useless on those using a power build, but if you were to only focus on applying chill, weakness, and vuln then more applications, therefore more duration, would actually work.

That being said, Vuln can be easily applied by many other classes so the only conditions venoms provide imo that are really useful are weakness and chill. You can grant AoE weakness if you use the shortbow 4 to create a poison combo field and use the blast finisher of shortbow 2. Additionally, AFAIK, "stealing health" is kinda broken in that it doesn't actually steal health, it just heals you for the amount you would have stolen. But they could have changed this recently. Venom share also only has a 300 radius, so after the initial application when everyone is about to engage the mobs, the only ones who would most likely receive the venoms would be those in melee range, or those outside of melee range depending on what weapon set you use.

Basilisk venom would be kinda useful if you were in 6/6 Runes of Lyssa since every 36 seconds it could be used to remove all conditions and grant you all the boons, but according to the wiki it is currently bugged and only works on every other cast, so thats every 72 seconds.
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