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S/P Thief: valkyrie or knight exotic armor set?

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#1 Levistis


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 24 October 2012 - 01:58 PM

So I've decided that I'm not going glass cannon - not skilled enough for it yet and was wondering if i should go knight or valkyrie armor - vitality or toughness. Jewels/weapons will be beserker. I use s/p and shortbow for AOE. May switch to p/p in dungeons at times.

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#2 Elan


    Sylvari Specialist

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Posted 24 October 2012 - 05:50 PM

See, I kinda inverted it. Zerker armor with some valk jewels.  I prioritized HP over toughness, however, as it's the condition damage that is most likely to kill me.  If you find direct damage kills you more then conditions, toughness would be your best bet.  If it's the other way around, vitality as toughness/armor does not mitigate condition damage.

#3 Basharic


    Vanguard Scout

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Posted 25 October 2012 - 01:55 PM

It really doesn't matter which way you do it. The important thing is you hit you survivabity target in a way that makes sense to you. When I did my current build I actually started with a sPvP build with pow/pre/vit as my primary stats. I have 22k hp, around 3k power, and 50%+ crit in that build.

When I tried to apply that to PVE I found it's bloody impossible to stack just those three stats. So I had to shift my thinking a bit. I focused on still hitting my effective time to live and my effective damage output, but with a mix of stats. So in PVE I sit at just shy of 17k hp and 3k power, 39% crit; along with some toughness, healing, and a mess of crit damage.

Gear set up is Berserker weapons, knights rings, clerics earrings, zerker neck. Armor is a mix of zerker and Valkyrie, with a full set of Wurm runes.

#4 Elr3d


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 25 October 2012 - 02:11 PM

Depends on your build essentially.

More vitality means more HP means more condition resilience.
More toughness means more armor means less hp loss on hit.

If like me you run some condition removal (namely Hide in Shadow) and have way to regen yourself, go for a mix of both so you have enough HP not to be weak against condition damage and enough toughness to be able to take a few hit.

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#5 Levistis


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 27 October 2012 - 10:13 PM

Thanks for the responses guys, imma thinking I'm going to mix mitch all the pieces of armor for PVE as Basharic said.

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