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Remove /m in Hot Join

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Posted 30 October 2012 - 11:05 PM

My god... They should just remove the /M chat feature from these games. I honestly can't remember the PVP Chat in GW RA's ever being so obnoxiously filled with ass sniffing idiots. Last night, I was in a room with a retard bunker guardian that felt the need to stroke his dong whenever he was downed by more than 1 person... !!!HUR HUR YOU CANT 1v1 ME /dickstroke!!! Apparently it's puss mode to double team a guardian sitting on a capture point... you get the idea...

Now, I know it's simple to remove this feature from my own screen, but... like the lottery, I play it because there is a chance that I may get lucky enough to win something. Same goes for /m chat. Somebody may actually write something worth reading, or there may actually be a good conversation going on. They did great by not allowing people to compare kill count and damage at the end of a battle (like WoW). They should have kept the chat /say or /team only.

You can right click their name in chat and click Block.
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