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The Duel Tower

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#1 Asudementio


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Posted 25 October 2012 - 05:08 PM

An idea i've been kicking around is the aptly named duel tower. This tower is located in the heart of the mists and conducted by master brawlers and warriors located in the heart of the mists. You enter the tower via a portal and you spawn in a lobby with a gateway in the center on a pedestal and vendors and trainers littering the remainder of the room. When a player enters the gateway they are transported to a floor of the tower where other players are and an arena exists. By interacting with the arena you queue for a duel and are matched with a player who is on the same floor as you. Once you are matched with a player a duel begins with a small period of safety in the beginning to set up and prepare. The duel carries on until one player performs a finisher or completely downs another player. After which each player gets a few silver, some pvp currency, and a change of ranking . After your rank has changed enough you get promoted receive a title, receive mail with a bag of goodies, and queue for duels on another floor. Once you reach the highest rank you may buy capes that are customized for profession and race.

The number of ranks is adjustable but i propose 12 ranks, with the following titles. Difficulty and prestige of rank increase as 12 decreases to 1.

Rank 12: Grunt
Rank 11: Bully
Rank 10: Fighter
Rank 9: Combatant
Rank 8: Brawler
Rank 7: Warrior
Rank 6: Crusader
Rank 5: Soldier
Rank 4: Champion
Rank 3: Commander
Rank 2: Duelist
Rank 1: Master Duelist

As stated before, each new rank would open a new floor, with the same vendors and trainers, but different style. The condition and detail of the floors would increase as you progress through the ranks.

An example of how the ranking system would work is that you start as rank 12 with a ranking point total of 0. In order to move on to rank 11 say you need 10 points. You lose your first duel so your rank does not change. You win your second duel granting 1 point; you also win your third granting you a single point. After winning two duels in a row you begin a chain. If you win your fourth duel, the third in the chain, you get two rank points, if you lose you get no points and your chain breaks. If you win the fourth duel in the chain, your fifth duel, you would receive three rank points; if you lose you would get zero points and your chain would break. Similarly if you were to lose multiple duels in a row you would start a chain as well but this time with negative points, if you lose three in a row you would lose a point, four in a row you would lose two, etc etc.

Once you earn enough points to move on to a new rank you gain no more points until you move to the next floor and start the next rank. Once you achieve a rank you cannot lose your title but you can lose your ability to queue on a floor by having your points associated with a floor reduced to 0 through negative win chains and then losing three duels in a row once your point total is at zero.

At rank 1, you continue to earn points which is listed on a leaderboard. The player on each server with the highest point total at the end of each 2 week WvWvW period has a plaque showing their name attached to a statue of their profession and race found in the lobby of the tower for their server. At rank 1, every 10 points you earn wins you a bag of goodies and some silver.

Thoughts, criticisms, questions?

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#2 actionjack


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Posted 26 October 2012 - 12:36 AM

Interesting idea. I guess part of the idea comes from Mortal Kombat?

I could see complain where certain class and build are just not meant for 1v1 dueling, and it would exclude them out of it (but don't think its a big problem) . However, with the reward and ranking system, I could see it possible be abused in rigged matches.

None the less, I do like 1v1. I would see more personal and more challenging. However, need to add more strategic layer to it, else could just see lots knockdown/stunt builds.
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#3 RabidusIncendia


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Posted 28 October 2012 - 08:38 AM

Heh, I think it'd be more fun as literally mortal combat. A 12 step duel tournament, where you fight best 2 out of 3 and move up after a win, while being kicked after. Instead of timeout being highest health, it'd be most damage dealt.

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Fun while it lasted. I guess.

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