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Explorer achievements project help

krytan explorer

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Posted 26 October 2012 - 11:29 AM

Hey guys and girls,

I am currently working on a little project for the guildwars 2 achievement hunting community.
What i am working on at this moment is preparations for a new website(not online yet) on wich i will have help and guides for as much as i can do.

However I am trying to make a checklist for the lands explorer achievements but I have a little problem with the Krytan explorer.

Krytan Explorer
Uncover all areas within Divinity's Reach, Lion's Arch, Claw Island, Queensdale, Kessex Hills, Gendarran Fields, Harathi Hinterlands, Bloodtide Coast, and Chantry of Secrets.

Now I have collected a list with all explorable zones and the locations in them but my numbers are off and I dont seem to be able to find the mistake so maybe you guys can help me out and see what I am missing.

Krytan explorer = 175
These area's in order give me according to what I could find these numbers:

I will post the list of all these locations here as well so you can all have a look and maybe help me out.

Thanks in advance for any helpfull comments.

Divinity's Reach (27)

Balthazar High Road
Balthazar Low Road
District Promenade
Dwayna High Road
Dwayna Low Road
Eastern Commons
Grenth High Road
Grenth Low Road
Lyssa High Road
Lyssa Low Road
Kormir High Road
Kormir Low Road
Melandru High Road
Melandru Low Road
Ossan Quarter
Plaza of Balthazar
Plaza of Dwayna
Plaza of Grenth
Plaza of Kormir
Plaza of Lyssa
Plaza of Melandru
Royal Palace
Salma District (home instance)
The Great Collapse
The Upper City
Western Commons

Lions Arch (15)

Bloodcoast Ward
Canal Ward
Eastern Ward
Farshore Ward
Fort Marriner
Grand Piazza
Hooligan's Route
Inner Harbor
Postern Ward
Sanctum Harbor
Sharkmaw Caverns
The Bilge
Trader's Forum
Western Ward
White Crane Terrace

Claw Island (instanced main story)(8)

Sorrow's Bay
Eastern Pyramid
Fort Stalwart
Lion's Torch
Western Strait
Western Pyramid
Lion's Mane
Maw and Pride

Queensdale (26)

Altar Brook Vale
Altar's Windings
Bandithaunt Caverns
Beetletun Farms
Beggar's Burrow
Clayent Falls
Demongrub Pits
Eastern Divinity Dam
Godslost Swamp
Krytan Freeholds
Lake Delavan
Orlaf Escarpments
Phinney Ridge
Pinion Trail
Queen's Forest
Salma's Heath
Scaver Plateau
Shaemoor Fields
Shaemoor Garrison
Shire of Beetletun
Taminn Foothills
The Heartwoods
Township of Claypool
Village of Shaemoor
Western Divinity Dam
Windloss Delves

Kessex Hills (26)

Alakess Ledge
Blackroot Cut
Cereboth Canyon
Darkwound Defile
Delanian Foothills
Dominion Killing Zone
Draithor's Demesnes
Earthlord's Gap
Earthworks Bluff
Eukaryan Caves
Fort Salma
Giant's Passage
Greyhoof Meadows
Halacon Cataracts
Lychcroft Mere
Manefire Hills
Meremoot Hill
Overlord's Greatcamp
Sojourner's Way
The Collapsed Observatory
Thunder Ridge
Triskellion Vale
Viath Shore
Viathan Lake
Viathan's Arm
Wizard's Fief

Gendarren Fields (29)

Almuten Estates
Ascalon Settlement
Bitterfrost Peaks
Blood Hill Camps
Brigantine Isles
Broadhollow Bluffs
Cornucopian Fields
Guardian's Pass
Hezran Outcrops
Icegate Gorge
Lake Bounty
Lake Gendarr
Lionbridge Expanse
Nebo Terrace
Newbeach Bluffs
Overlook Caverns
Provern Shore
Provernic Crypt
Shiverspur Front
Snowblind Peaks
Stonebore Vaults
Talajian Piedmont
The Bloodfields
The Lawen Ponds
Traveler's Dale
Vigil Keep
Vigilant Hills
Witherflank River

Harathi Hinterlands (25)

Arca Lake
Arcallion Digs
Bonerattler Caverns
Cloven Hoof Pass
Diremane Woods
Faun's Gap
Fawcett's Bounty
Greenflin Plateau
Greystone Rise
Guardian Lake
Hangman's Saddle
Hidden Ourobon
High Timber Claim
Modniir Gorge
Nightguard Beach
Ourobore Caves
Ruins of Holy Demetra
Shieldbluff Point
Splintered Teeth
Stoneman's Notch
The Feral Dens
Thunder Rock
Trebuchet Bend
Wildspine Hills
Wynchona Woods

Bloodtide Coast (25)

Archen Foreland
Captain's Cut
Challdar Gorges
Dredgehat Isle
Firth of Revanion
Flooded Castavall
Grand Barrier Isle
Jelako Cliffrise
Laughing Gull Island
Mentecki Pass
Merchantman's Strait
Mistarion Beach
Mole's Head
Momoztli Grounds
Moriarity's Hold
Mournful Depths
Portage Hills
Remanda Saltmarsh
Risewild Hills
Sanguine Bay
Sorrowful Sound
Stormbluff Isle
Vindar's Lagoon
Whisperwill Bogs
Wraithwalker Woods

Chantry of Secrets (instance) (1)
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#2 liinniejj


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 26 October 2012 - 03:04 PM

I have so far been on the thought that the claw island is the problem but the wiki cleary states it IS needed for the achievement.
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