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Stable world or dynamic world in expansions?

expansions campaigns changing world

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Posted 26 October 2012 - 11:17 PM

in the next 8 to 12 months, the first real expansion ( I do not consider Halloween or Wintersday to be expansions, no matter what ANet says) will most likely be released.

Now, as most people are aware, when WoW has done it's expansions they have drastically changed the geography of their world and the expansions have consequences.

Guild Wars 1 approached it's GW:B content with optional quest changes and after you finished them; either everything went back to normal with the option to "re-enact" or vice-versa as they did in Cantha.

Do you think they should permanently change the land, make an optional quest line for the areas, or leave everything the same and just open up new zones?

Permanent changes don't seem like a good option because it could leave new players in the wind; but how many people will still be new to the game in early summer of 2013?

I just hope this is handled with ingenuity and grace.

The course of the story in GW2 offers some drastic changes geo-politically.
A quiet rebellion, maybe by secret descendants of the White Mantle, is brewing in Kryta (we left off at the Minister's Manor).
The Nightmare Court, Inquest, and Flame Legion were routed from secure bases of operation. The NC has most their leadership destroyed except the Duchess. The FL lost it's leader and morale has to be rock bottom.
Meanwhile the Pact has been formed, leading anti-dragon operations in the far north already, not to mention what the death of Zhaitan and the continuation of Trahearne's Wyld Hunt (the restoration of Orr.
Also the ghosts of Ascalon are supposed to start leaving after the events of AC, right?
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