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PvE Condition Well Build Suggestions

well condition necromancer pve

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Posted 27 October 2012 - 03:11 PM

Hey everyone! I wanted to share my well build with you all because it seems to work really well for me. I was also hoping to get some feedback on it.

Some info:
My focus is on wells, conditions and lowering cool down times for my spells/skills. I only use death shroud in emergency situations so I didn't put any trait points into soul reaping, furthermore, I didn't put any points into spite because nothing in that line except the power it offers seems to be of any use to this build.

I'm primarily focused on PvE at the moment and haven't played WvW or PvP so i don't know how it works in either.

I've seen variations of this build but not this exact one, a lot of well builds that I've seen use use Well of Darkness, Well of Power, and/or Well of Corruption along with slightly different trait choices. Well of darkness and well of power don't seem to be as efficient as Well of Suffering. Also, epidemic spreads the conditions to everybody which is always good which is why I didn't add a fourth well.

Almost everything on this build recharges in under one minute (most recharge at 32 seconds and under) except for Blood Golem which takes 60 seconds. I chose Blood Golem because 1. he lasts the longest out of all the elite skills 2. has the lowest recharge rate. and 3. slows enemies.

here's my build: http://gw2skills.net...XP9I7xFP6BxDnMA

I tried to focused most of the traits to boost my staff and well spells. I guess you could say it's a Mark/Condition/Well Build.

So far this build seems pretty solid against both groups, and single targets, it's also fun to play.

What are your thoughts on this build? any suggestions to further tweak it?

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