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Strike Force, arguably the most fun WvW guild on Stormbluff Isle

stormbluff isle

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#1 BloodSF


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 28 October 2012 - 02:19 AM

No offense to all the other heavy WvW guilds out there with whom do great things, as I make the claim that we're the most fun, but ---

I've never been a part of a guild in any game who's more hilarious and fun to play with. Every night is like a party.

As most people know... its hard to find a guild that's both hilariously fun/casual while also fiercely competitive. It's a rare balance. Usually either your guild is hardcore serious, or you're casually playing in a different guild and having to follow other big guild commanders to make a difference.

Well, in SF we balance the two sides perfectly. You can play casually, and I promise you will be a part of something great every time. We're adults with lives and we come in game to kick serious ass.

As for the competitive edge, Strike Force was ranked among top 10 guilds in GW1, and many of the cores remain. We know the maps really well and we have some of the best siege placement I've seen anywhere, save for War Machine. We also have 5 commanders in the guild.

We constantly fight uneven odds and come out ahead. It's what we prefer. It's what makes the game fun for us .

Here are two videos from last week's intense IoJ/JQ/SBi fight in which SBI pulled out ahead at the end.

No 1. A ninja stealing of the orb assisted and filmed by a guild ally from DA. We were heavilty outnumbered so another guild lured the JQ army north for a 2-3 minute window:

you may have noticed the term 'push their shit in' yelled out a few times :). Well we've coined that term now, and here's us doing more of that when we ran into an ambush at a camp. Usually with planning we wipe mobs bigger than this. But even when we're surprised... we don't back down:

SBI'ers can attest to how great of a presence Strike Force brings to any map we're on, because they've seen both awesome and hilarious antics go down surrounding the commander Jedbacca (our guild leader).

But like I said before... even though we're competitive... its all about having fun . That's why we build a flame ram at every supply camp we take. So you'll know who pushed your shit in.

And speaking of rams, here's a hilarious prank we pulled a few weeks ago when we had the T2 match locked.

I'm making this post because I feel very lucky to have found this guild... and many of our new recruits agree its the most fun they've had playing Guild Wars 2. As soon as you roll with us for a week's matchup, you're like a member of the family. Anyone looking for a great guild for WvW on Stormbluff Island should have the privilege of being in a guild like this. We don't care if you rep other guilds doing PVE or sPvP or whatever. It doesn't hurt our ego if everyone isn't always 'representing'. Because when we're in WvW... you'll WANT to represent SF when rolling with us and creating mayhem .

So, to wrap this up --

If you're on the Stormbluff Isle server and looking to link up with a fun crew for more serious, coordinated WvWvW gameplay... Strike Force should be your first stop.

We use mumble for voice comms, but dont require that you have a mic... just get on so you can hear what's going on if you don't want to speak. There's plenty of us doing that already .

And, well... is this a 'recruitment' thread? I guess so... but even if you don't want to join the guild, and just want to roll with us and get on our mumble... give us a shout! We don't really care - the more the merrier. Many of our members start that way... and we still have close friends from different guilds who get on our voice comm server and play with us regularly.

We have one requirement - that you be a mature person who can be laid back and not cause  drama or tension over simply playing a game. We're adults, and though we play this game a lot, we don't see it as the end-all be-all of our existence. We just like to kick some ass.

For those interested in joining the guild, or joining in on our operations from time to time, please respond with your IG name, or send a PM to me or Jedbacca on the forums...

or In Game, either whisper or send mail to Jedbacca or Blood and Shadow.

You will also find that we have a strong presence on the forums at StormbluffIsle.com , where... even if you don't join us, I hope you're registered and participating.

See you out there!

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#2 BloodSF


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 02 November 2012 - 11:50 PM

Thanks for the responses and to those who've joined since last week. We still welcome more players as we're looking to expand currently.

An important message to those who are transferring servers though - Stormbluff Isle often says 'full', and the best time to transfer is between 7am-11am ET because we don't have many Euro players on the server.

Also - I've rolled a new main character. So please message Monstadon (my new toon), Jedbacca, Iziz, or Hoschi Smash in game if you wish to join :)

#3 BloodSF


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 07 November 2012 - 10:55 AM

Our growth has been noticeable and our new cores, with whom we've been wiping groups of 20+ in small groups of 8-ish with... are AWESOME! Strike Force is quickly becoming an all out party on our mumble server just about every night... and we still manage to kick more ass than ever before! Footage to come soon, but if you check the Stormbluffisle.com website, you'll see some posts about an epic bay defense we coordinated with 2 other guilds... where we were severely outmanned by both Blackgate and Jade Quarry forces... and managed to smash their faces in eventually after a 3 hour long battle royale.

Building random flame rams to let the other team know who delivered them a nice d*ckpunch (which, we've determined, is a liquid, by the way).

Anyway... the status of our server throughout the lifetime of this thread has changed. And many are looking for the right guild for them on Stormbluff Isle.

Well, we still could use a few more core players for some of our epic, hilarious raids/pranks and working on newer, more complex tactics now that we're getting more competent players... and casuals are always welcome of course. Hell, even our casuals can best most 'hardcore' ability-spammers in WvW after 1 week with us.

Same rules: Be mature, no drama. Its a game. And we rock at it.

But something's changed that may apply to you. A separate thread may be made for this:

We now have a vetted Euro-zone commander in our guild. Xeeron. He lives in Germany, close to Switzerland, and is one of the most competent commanders you'll find on any map.

So, we are building up a Euro presence on a server that doesn't really have one, and needs one desperately now that SoS and SoR are picking up Euro coverage. If you're a Euro player looking to transfer to a fun guild in the T1 North American bracket, a guild that's also competent in putting up a hell of a fight, and a guild where you would actually make a significant difference through your individual presence and contribution...look no further :).

And the transfers are becoming a real pain. 2 of our new cores had to try for a week and one who is currently trying for a day almost gave up. I myself was transferring a character for my brother and had to wait 2 days. The best time is still Euro primetime, 7am-11am ET. You just neeed to watch the server capacity like a hawk for your chance to transfer.

Either way. Come join the party :). Flame rams. d*ckpunches. "Pushing their shit in" with super golem sieges. Who wouldn't wanna be a part of this brigade?? 7 commanders now, all vetted and more than competent.

We're still looking to take in more members, as we have enough commanders (along with extremely competent cores who are just as good) to handle a larger roster .

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#4 BloodSF


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 15 November 2012 - 09:07 AM

Still looking for active WvW players interested in kicking up their gaming experience a notch! Mature people only, please.

Currently we still would like more NA core players, as well as EU players interested in playing crazy odds, but coming out on top with some of the best commanders during the EU timeslot.

Join one of the best, most fun crews around. Tonight we turned JQ borderlands upside down on itself. During NA primetime in tier 1, just 1 day after JQ lost its lead... we took the entire map. And it wasn't easy. JQ fought us tooth and nail the whole way, especially concerning Cliffside and Garrison. But wish some new tactics such as "golem rushing" which is what we call a new tactic we developed among our smaller, 5 man groups over the past week... we knocked everything down eventually. And lost many keeps/towers only to come and take them right back (with some epic portal bombs to re enter Bay, might I add).

All in all - tonight was great - and I still can't stress enough how enriching its been for me to have become a member of this guild. Reach out and join the party!

Oh, and as promised. Here's a new video of SF antics. Chakura and Recvg taking 3 camps, wrecking groups of JQ just by themselves. A great example of what many of us are working on now... 'team builds'... where the skills/traits of the players complement eachother.

This is actually one of my favorite videos yet. Best part is at 5:00, when they get chased out of supply camp by a big zerg... and the 5 ppl dumb enough to chase them all the way out across the bridge get slaughtered by the two of them. Oh, and WILSON! An awesome new member --- his cameo is because, well, we've determined through hearing him on mumble that he's actually Christopher Walken discreetly playing GW2. ;)

And a few images of last night's raid. Would also like to give a shout out to members of [Rage] who joined us last night. You guys ROCK!

A really funny wipe I wish we had recorded. About 8-10 of us run up on at least 25-30+ clustering up.

As one of our commander Keg calls these 2 screens:

50 shades of red:

Posted Image

50 shades of dead:

Posted Image

then we flash built outside garrison with no swords up. NO SWORDS?! If you saw this, you might want to put up swords.. (wound up flipping the keep)

Posted Image

And the end result (I thought this was supposed to be the blue map!?):

Posted Image

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#5 BloodSF


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 27 November 2012 - 07:51 AM

We're still looking for solid, dedicated WvW players. Here are some new videos of our antics from last week's match with JQ/SoS. SoS came out the victor in that one... but ANY map that SF went to.. regardless of the lack of server participation last week (due to everyone playing fractals dungeon)... *WE* brought down some serious pain-trains for those unfortunate enough to get in our way. Often capping entire maps.

1st video of Hoschi on Blands as we generally just kicked some serious ass against SoS whilst they tried to treb our bay. Best part is at 8:30 where he slams into an incoming portal bomb like a linebacker on roids propelled by jet-fuel.

Then there's a vid of Mr Goodkat showing you what a proper thief can accomplish:

And a beautiful vid of us wrecking some superior numbers during a havoc squad run. Best part is the fight by the dolyak:

p.s. - That Charr with the dark sword of death, Twilight, is me :). And Jedbacca is the charr in white with Mace Windu's lightsaber.


all applicants either contact Monstadon or Jedbacca in game.

Or fill out an application at http://www.strikeforceguild.com

#6 BloodSF


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 06 December 2012 - 09:43 AM

Strike Force is still open for recruitment. We've had a large infllux of skilled WvW players and also took in a WvW guild recently whose leaders had dissolved. We currently have about 20 people on during a typical weeknight... and up to 30ish on the weekend.

I'm frankly amazed at the fact that not only is the player base joining our team so talented... but even the people who are new... not just to WvW but brand spanking new to the game... quickly are becoming very skilled strategically in a short amount of time after spending consistent time playing with us.

We just recruited a number of Australian players (for oceanics) and are having a decent regular turnout in the Euro timezone as well.

If you're looking for a great community to WvW with -- fill out an application at http://www.strikeforceguild.com

I'd add videos and mention recent shout-outs/props to us on general T1 matchup threads... but I'm dead tired as I'm writing this update. So I'll include those on the next one.

One thing I'll add is that we're doing 'training' for members of guilds who don't have a strong WvW element, but don't want to transfer to a different guild to get the experience. If you are inexperienced, or simply looking for a skilled group to connect with during WvW on the Stormbluff Isle server when playing WvW... we still have an open door policy and ask nothing in return. Furthermore we now have dedicated volunteers who will get newer WvW players up to speed on the mechanics, playstyles, and lingo of competitive, T1 WvW.

If you're interested in rolling with us for those reasons mentioned above, contact Jedbacca, Hoschi, or Iziz in game.

#7 BloodSF


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 27 December 2012 - 04:14 PM

Happy Holidays, everyone.

I haven't been playing much due to the stressful season. But I must say -- I've yet to see a team on T1 that can match up pound for pound.

Even members new to WvW get up to speed pretty fast on SF tactics...

and all other teams we fight (FIRE, Agg, Tsym) with superior numbers still constantly get their asses handed to them on a regular basis by us.

If you're looking for a team with:

a.) Far better tactical capabilities and players than any other on a T1 server
b.) awesome, vicious chick gamers. Seriously... we have like 3-4 evil, curbstomping women on regularly that talk more shit than the guys lol
c.) a hilarious sense of humor
d.) same as (a)... but to elaborate... some of the best players form Guild wars 1... and some amazing T1 tacticians from many other guilds who've since merged with us..

Then join us on SBi.

Regardless of where the servers are on the point lead/rankings... any map SF is one, we dominate. There's no question about that anymore.

So -- if you're looking for that awesome group to join on T1 that brings a serious ass-kicking to any team its up against and has a fun, diverse group of adults...

you know what to do.

Head over to http://www.strikeforceguild.com and fill out an app.

... no PuGs were harmed in the making of this thread.

P.S. Oh yeah, and we now have 2 Australian commanders. So if you're playing in the oceanic timezone, we've got you covered.

And we have between 2-4 commanders playing during the Euro timeslot as well. So if you play in those timezones and are looking for an intelligent, tactically minded group to roll with to deal out some real punishment -- look no further. ;)

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