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Rifle/greatsword Warriors are sweet

warrior rifle greatsword

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#1 Adalbit


    Pale Tree Seedling

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Posted 29 October 2012 - 03:00 AM

I am still new to the game, but I got my Warr to lvl 75 so far. Ii is suprisingly easy to level in this game. I notice a lot of warriors use longbows and I have not figured out why. I know they do aoe, but so can rifles with a lot more damage.

If you Volley while bezerked it is like you are firing a rail gun without the %50 more damage risk due to the range. I also use Crack Shot to do Volley a lot more and it turnes my rifle into every shot is aoe (if they are in a line of course). I have used volley+bezerk on huge crowds and with the extra bleeding time and damage I think i can be more effective than a longbow. I havent used a LB enough so I may be bias.

Here is what I am using now. Mainly for PvE. I do not do to many dungeons it is a waste of time waiting unless guild members are online.

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#2 NumNumPie


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 29 October 2012 - 04:59 AM

Having played Warrior and almost nothing else, I can tell you a few things about their weapons-

a) Both the rifle and the bow are beastly. They're just meant for different roles. Rifle stacks bleeds and can DPS quite well, on a single target. Even if you manage to line up 2-3 enemies with the piercing trait, it's not going to do the same thing that the bow does.

b ) The bow has pin down. Immobilize>Vulnerability. Bow isn't all about damage, it's about the fire condition+the combo field+ support. I never run rifle in WvW. I run bow and a sword/shield combo.

c) Sword and shield. The sword has cripple, plus lots of bleeding from its autoattack. But the best part is the Leap. Use bow for pin down --> blind enemy with bow 4 ---> switch to sword/shield ---> leap ---> stun with shield --> F1 --> cripple --> finish off with autoattack.

d) Shield. Trait it to reflect missiles, have thieves kill themselves on it. Arrow cart? Eles? Engineers? ANYTHING. It reflects almost every projectile I've seen in-game. In AC, I reflect Ele's fire+Archers.

e) Greatsword is great, but it's not the best weapon. It's just that 100B is basically EZ mode. Just hit frenzy+100b = gg pve. Of course this changes later in the game, around lvl 60 when mobs knock down, or don't go down with the first 100b.

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#3 Adalbit


    Pale Tree Seedling

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Posted 29 October 2012 - 05:05 AM

Yea it does seem like greatsword is easy mode right now even at lvl 75. I tried to use the others in PvE but I have seen the point
if there is an easy button. For PvE even at later levels zerk+100B kills almost every trash so I would say that it is just about the best PvE wep.

Good points on the bow. I will try to get one to use to test out some more.

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#4 Mootillay


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Posted 29 October 2012 - 05:38 AM

The greatsword is excellent for leveling up. Just stack power/precision and use the gap closers to get out of the way when you're under pressure. It is also excellent for "end game" PvE since foes tend to march toward you like relentless zombies. It is not however, much of an AoE weapon and lacks utility. Enjoy though, I used GS/rifle combo all the way to 80.
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#5 omar316


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Posted 29 October 2012 - 06:54 AM

I have to disagree to several points.

In W v W I run GS + Rifle. Call me crazy but Rifle's shot fire off faster, than a bow's, something like build up animation.
And no I don't run bull charge or frenzy at any time.

In fact I carry my entire set of weapons. During Dolyak runs, I carry a S&H, using 4 for swiftness.
When my group is chasing people down I run 2 for leap 4 for swiftness, change set to GS and use 5 for Rush, and depending maybe even use 3 for extra coverage, swap back S&H use 2 and 4 again, change to rifle and 1 his ass, he will definitely roll, wait for the 2nd dodge, then 2 his nub ass and he's yours.

Oh and for the last spurt you might want to use Signet of Rage.
To defend a last effort choke point use seige/range to cover you while you use a S&S. Then run a 2ndary hammer. Once Adrenaline is filled with blocks and damage, get hammer AoE CC and smash, swap back to shield and retreat.

Any thing is viable in PvE. But GS is by far the best.
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#6 Hellspawn2323


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 31 October 2012 - 10:57 PM

Oh god listening to these peoples responces was brutal. Great Sword / Rifle with Power / Crit / Crit DMG is the way I play PvE / WvW.

Rifle Versus Longbow.

Long Bow Control:

Cripple on a 20-25sec CD which doesnt help if someone is already in your face.

Blind 12-15sec CD Again provides no benefit at close quarters and only reduces dmg by 1x attack.

Long Bow Control Effectiveness [Low]

Long Bow Damage:

Auto Attack nothing special just damage range only 900 unless traited same with all other Long Bow abilities. Its Important to point out that sacrificing trait points to improve long damage / range affects your damage for other weapons. Vitality is the last trait line any warrior should take. we recieve the least benefit from vitality / boon duration of any class.

The only signifigant ability a long bow has is fire condition dmg, but given the overal lack of power condition dmg does now its not a must have for chritmas kind of thing.

Also 2 Long Bow abilities require you to target an area and combined with longbows animation means most of the time your enemy will easely evade the attack.

Long Bow Damage Effectiveness [Low]

Rifle Control:

Rifle provides you with 2 things you want in PvE / WvW the ability to get someone off you in a pinch and keep them at range.

Rifle Butt Knock Back 12-15 Sec CD a Lower cooldown then even a traited longbow with cripple.

Cripple 5secs 8-10 Sec CD Combined with Rifle Butt allows you to create distance bettewen you and a foe and keep that distance bettewen you.

Control Effectiveness [High] with rifles short cooldown control abilities it allows you to keep your distance or keep someone in range trying to flee almost indefinatly.

Rifle Damage:

Auto Attack Dmg / Condition also the condition provides 10% more dmg for rifle / great sword when traited. HUGE BONUS versus Longbow which brings no damage modifiers for primary weapon.

Brutal Shot 10sec 5x Vuln 12-15 sec CD +5% dmg 80% uptime.

Volley Adrenaline builder and heavy dmg. Nothing makes someone back off faster then a volley when your speced pure Power/Prec/Crit Dmg.

The Finally KILL SHOT!!! My fully exotic warrior Traited 20/30/0/0/20 With GS / Rifle Damage Modifiers can 1 Shot Most Players who are under 18k Health when I Crit. My Kill Shot can on a High Crit reach 18.5k damage. Most players dont have 18.5k health LoL. And even If I dont Crit im still taking more then 60% of thier health. Followed by a quick volley and they are still downed.

Also I recieve +10% dmg from Arms Trait (10% more dmg on bleeding foe) I recieve 12% dmg from Strength trait berserkers power (12% more dmg full adrenaline) and 9% Crit from Disc trait when full adrenaline.

Which BTW even with greatsword you have that 9% Crit + 12% dmg 100% uptime because GS warriors dont use thier Burst ability so we always have full adrenaline.

Great Sword: The Right Choice.

Besides for Great swords over whelming damage like Bulls Charge / Frenzy / Hundreds Blades / Enemie Dead / You Laugh... Combo is provides CC and Crazy damage.

The Great Sword provides alot of Control and Defence that other weapon combos cannot compare too. Your probably saying to yourself "OK this guy has lost his mind" But listen and learn my friend.

NO Weapon can provide as much distance coverage as great swords whirl wind attack + Rush. There have been many times players wont bother chasing someone fleeing because they are just too damned far away. Well the great sword solves that problem. In a Pinch I can cover 1650 range worth of distance at triple the speed of sprint, Combined with Singet of Rage 30sec sprint means nobody escapes your clutches.

But at the same time besides for being a gap closer it also allows you to make a heisty retreat when needed.

Blade Trail 12-15 sec CD. 4 sec Cripple + 2x Piercing dmg to anyone inline. Which combined with Sigil of Fire means you can AoE Hit multiple mobs 2x and trigger flame burst from sigil and on many occasions ive killed clustered groups with that 1 ability + sigil trigger. and ive done exstensive dmg to enemy players. Thats something Crippling shot or hamstring cannot come close too.

Also Whirl Wind Attack in WvW / PvE is an extra dodge mechanic for you that also does damage. you see someone winding up for a big hit and your endurance is at 0% no problem whirlwind through the enemie and your saved.

Also if you combine whirl wind with rush youll dodgle spin through target damaging them then rush will auto turn you and youll back stab the enemie. Think of Whirl + Rush like leaping death blossom.

It pisses me off when people pigeon hole players who use bulls charge/ frenzy/ hundred blades warriors into some easy mode doesnt know how to play baddie group. Because thats the furthest thing from the truth and i think with my detailed game play style you can see there is more to me then some one trick pony.

oh and incase you were wondering I use mending for heals and my other utility is shake it off.

I understand this is more of a glass cannon build. But if you play the build / class right youll hardly ever die and your damage output negates any susrvivability youll require because the enemie is dead before they can harm you. Full Power / Prec / Crit Dmg gear / traits and I still have over 20k HP

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#7 matsif


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Posted 01 November 2012 - 11:25 AM

not only does the longbow have 3 aoe skills (2, 3, and burst), it creates combo fields for you and friends to fire through. The rifle only can hit more than 1 enemy if they are in a line.

longbow -> aoe and combo fields. rifle -> single target dps. always will be unless the skills get completely changed.
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#8 sagasaint


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Posted 01 November 2012 - 04:56 PM

I notice a lot of warriors use longbows and I have not figured out why.

if its in PvE, its for mob tagging in orr
if its in WvW, its for badge farming, also LB is superior in sieges, both as defender and as attacker
if its in sPvP....lol, just kill that tardie
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