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The Dice Roller Slash Command

random number generator dice rng roleplaying

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#1 Zhavek


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Posted 30 October 2012 - 04:26 PM


What it is:

A dice slash command is a slash command which gives you immediate access to a random number generator, whose parameters are set by the user initiating the roll.

When utilized it would roll a die of your selection in the public chat channel, generating a random number.

What it is for:

Traditionally, random number generators have found their use in gambling, statistical sampling, cryptography, and computer simulations.

Tabletop RPG gamers recognize them as the bane to any action carried out by our PC.

The suggestion for this command is primarily being made for the sake roleplayers, like myself, to make use of it within the game for inter-character drama which occurs either by happenstance (random encounters) or prearranged scenes and events which may involve combat or some form of non-combat interaction which requires a neutral judge to determine the outcome.

What it looks like:

My suggestion for the Dice Slash Command would be the following:



x = the # of dice
y = the # of sides per die


Roll a 6 sided die, display the result in the currently selected chat channel.

Modifiers are numerical adjustments to the total result of /xDy, and would be applied to the dice roll as a suffix.

If you wanted to roll a die, or dice, with a positive or negative modifier, the following could be done:

+/- = The optional positive or negative numerical modifier to the total result of xDy
z = the modifying numeral of the numerical modifier to the total rolled result


Roll a 6 sided die, adding 2 to the total result.

Or for a negative modifier

Roll a 6 sided die, subtracting 2 from the total result.

Why am I suggesting this?

In the real world, I have been a Game Master for a variety of different Tabletop RPGs, with my experience somewhere going on three or four years now. I have also personally designed a Tabletop RPG proper, which was met with interest and amusement by those who played it. As such, I am comfortably familiar with the usefulness of a random number generator, and its use as a neutral mediator to roleplaying activities.

The roleplaying community in Guild Wars 2 is a very strong one, with groups of players going out of their way to even found guilds named after the orders, organizations, and companies that exist as part of the game world. Their activities and interactions often bring them into dramatic conflict with each other, for which currently the only way to resolve this drama is through careful understanding and often meticulous pre-planning between all the actors involved.

But beyond these planned events, there are also plenty of chance encounters that at times result in combat between the characters involved. I've witnessed bar brawls, rough housing, back alley beatings, gladiatorial contests, shoot-out standoffs, and many other such examples of inter-character brutality. All entertaining to watch, but I have witnessed these often conclude in two manners; either they conclude with the conflicting parties making quick and fair judgements concerning the victors, or they quickly devolve into a multi-hour long godmodding marathon.

Each time I witnessed the latter, I often found myself thinking a few dice rolls may have shortened the encounter. That may just be the twitching GM in me though.

I would not seek to replace how planned events or random encounters are carried out with a random number generation system. My intent is but to provide something to supplement the roleplaying experience on Guild Wars 2.

Whether you share my views or do not, please do not hesitate to leave questions and comments. I will be more than happy to talk to you about it.

As an addendum, I would ask for anyone discussing this subject here to preferbaly discuss it in the Official Guild Wars 2 forums, that way A.Net may be more likely to grant the thread there some consideration.

Official Forum thread:

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#2 Tregarde


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Posted 02 November 2012 - 08:14 PM

Interesting, but as you describe it, it seems a little complicated. While I have always supported a random number generator, I think something simpler would fit the spirit of GW2 better.

To use EverQuest 2 for example, there is the /random command. By default it produces a number from 1-100.

Add a number after the command, it will now use that as the maximum. For example – /random 20 would produce a number from 1-20.

Also, when generating numbers, they are only visible to people who are grouped together. This makes it impossible to spam general chat with random numbers. Of course, in EQ2 you can have raids of a couple dozen people whereas in GW2 the largest group possible is 5. But I think it would still be a good idea to limit a /random or /roll command to only be seen by people in a group.
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#3 LemuriaBlaize


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Posted 03 November 2012 - 01:11 AM

Hmm, being a Piken Sqaure roleplayer myself, I forsee RP'ers RPing Norn RP'ers playing Dungeons and Dragons with their shiny new D20 system. It's like a game within a game, within a game.

In all seriousness though, a random function as Tregarde suggested would be a good way to set up a system like this, though I can understand Zhavek's reasons for wanting the dice system as it also has a fixed minimum value as well. (12 dice means a minimum roll of 12, for example), so perhaps being able to set a range would work like /random 2-12.

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#4 Shadok



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Posted 03 November 2012 - 07:45 AM

Are you just looking for a simple /roll function? GW1 had /roll #, where # = the sides on the die. I'm pretty sure it's relatively easy to program, from just a basic programming standpoint something along the lines of:

int userRoll;
int userChoice;

unsigned seed = time(0);

userRoll = 1 + rand() % userChoice;

cout << "You have rolled a " << userRoll << " out of " << userChoice << ".";

Obviously it's more complex to put something like this into the game- you would need to program the input commands and whatnot. However, as I said, it was in GW1 and will probably be implemented at some point in GW2.

To set the number of die rolled, you would just need to loop the function based on another user input. This, however, I'm not sure if they will implement due to the fact that not many games bother putting something like this in.

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