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Elementalist WvW Support Exotic Gear

elementalist exotic gear wvwvw

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#1 Drtoph


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 30 October 2012 - 07:42 PM

I have been running full beserker until now in WvWvW. While it has been fun I am going to be running a support spec similar to what I run in tPvP just to do something a little different for a while. My question is what exotic set do support ele's use in WvWvW. I have the pow/vit/tough karma set from the temples in orr. I was planning on putting Dwanya runes into it, and getting clerics accessories. If I do that will I be missing out on too much healing power should I go full clerics gear for the extra +healing? My only concern with that would be that I would still be running low on vit going full clerics. So here I am on guru, wondering what other support spec ele's run for their gear in Wv3?
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#2 Featherman


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Posted 30 October 2012 - 11:39 PM

I'm running Power/Toughness/Vit armor with Cleric jewels. I'm working on slowly replacing the amulet with Power/toughness/Vit. I find that while constant healing is an excellent ability to have, you'll need to be able to deal with large spikes in damage due to all the ranged glass cannons running about. If you use an offhand dagger you can easily run away to heal.

For runes I'd go with 2 monk or water with 4 Dwayna with the Cleansing Water. If you plan on running D/D though I suggest running 2 monk, 2 water and 2 earth runes with powerful auras. Nothing beats a well-timed group Shocking Aura with Zephyr's Boon in a melee confrontation.
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#3 KodiakX


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Posted 31 October 2012 - 02:07 PM

I haven't finished it yet but I plan to go:

Armor: Exotic Armor from Caudicus Manor (+Vit primary, +Heal/+Condition secondary).
Accessories: Sapphire (Cleric +Tough/+Heal/+Power) or Chrysocola (Carrion +Condition/+Power/+Vit)
Weapons: Cleric (+Tough/+Heal/+Power) or Carrion (+Condition/+Power/+Vit)

Here's my reasons why:

Most of the time as support you're going to be spending time in Water or Earth. As Water you basically have no real damage but in Earth you'll use Eruption a lot (for combos and offense on keep walls). This is where the +Condition damage comes in as Eruption's Bleed is already pretty strong and with +Condition damage it's even stronger. You also can swap in for offensive stats (while still keeping a boatload of Vitality) for more Condition damage which will realy make those Eruptions pop.

Stat wise it's kinda all there. You get a boatload of Vitality from the armor because Vitality is it's primary stat and from usual spec. You also get a great amount of Toughness if you go Cleric gear. This is all on top of a huge amount of +Healing which really benefits the Blast Finishers and Regen boon (which should affect everyone when you switch and Healing Rain).
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