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[NA] Bunker/Support Elementalist LF skilled team

5v5 spvp

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Posted 02 November 2012 - 10:20 PM

About Me
Name/Nick Name: Frostedblaze.9017 / Aiden Frost/ Joe
Country: US
Age: 20
Email/Skype/Msn: Skype- Jschatt19
Play times: Mon. - Thurs. from 5ish CST- whenever. If I have some sort of a heads up, I can be available pretty much whenever.

Previous Game Experience:
I've played quite a few MMOs over the years. I have the most experience with WoW. I was a 1750 2v2 Mage. However, Arena was something I did casually.

Guild Wars 2:
Profession: Elementalist
Build: http://en.gw2skills....2xsjYH7Oudk7M A

I've found this this build grants me an incredible amount of survivability and healing, while still bringing some great group support. However, if the group deems it necessary, I can change my spec/traits/play style to fit the groups needs. I played an s/d burst spec throughout most of the beta, and would have no problem switching to one when needed

About my PC Specifications:
My PC is a fairly high end PC that I build earlier last summer. It runs the game with no problems.
My internet connection is a very stable connection.
I have and I am familiar with Skype, Ventrillo, and Mumble.
I have a microphone

I have great coordination abilities and listen to directions well. I know I would be a great asset to any team if given the chance.

If you are interested in having me on your team, please contact me in game if possible. Otherwise, feel free to contact me via PM.

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