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Wildlingz [WILD] - PvX, Mature, Casual, Friendly Guild

gunnars hold pvx

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Posted 05 November 2012 - 04:35 PM

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Website: http://www.wildlingz.com
Teamspeak: ts.wildlingz.com
IRC: irc.wildlingz.com:6667 | #Wildlingz
King: Ser Dragon Watcher
Kings Hand: Zonkius, Dr Poring
Server: Gunnar's Hold

About Us:
Greetings everybody,
I am l0l aka. Ser Dragon Watcher. I have started Wildlingz guild because I would like to help people get more experience from the game and help them make new friends. Wildlingz are people who are free of everything, they do what they want and they do not hesitate if someone says otherwise. We do not provoke our members to anything they do not want to do. We are a friendly community with really fun people.

Guild Features:
  • Website 100% Ready
    • News & Announcements
    • Forums
    • Chat
    • Events Calendar
    • Roster
    • Gallery
    • Teamspeak 3 status
    • & much much more
  • IRC 100% Ready
  • Teamspeak 100% Ready
  • Guild members own FTP server 100% Ready
  • YouTube 35% Ready
  • Facebook 0% Ready
  • Twitter 0% Ready
  • Wildlingz GW2 database 0% Ready (working out how it should be implemented)
  • Wildlingz guild video stream 50%Ready (working on implementing it)
Guild ranks:
mYzk aka. Ser Dragon Watcher:

I will do anything to keep the guild happy and guild members safe from harms way!

Kings Hand
Silasrule aka. Zonkius:

I have dedicated my self for the guild and only for the guild!

Gobgo aka. skinke:

Lets play! :)

There are more people here, but need to check guild roster ingame. Will do it when home.

Great Maester

To be filled

There are more people here, but need to check guild roster ingame. Will do it when home.


To be filled

There are more people here, but need to check guild roster ingame. Will do it when home.

Open Position
As I told before everybody is welcomed! We do not limit our guild invites or members!

How to join?
  • Leave your in-game name under this thread and we will contact you
  • Register on our website and post on our forums that you want to join
  • Join our Teamspeak or IRC when people are on it and ask for invite
  • Whisper / Mail Ser Dragon Watcher or Zonkius in-game and they will invite you
1. How many members do you have?

We have 17 members at the moment

2. When was the guild established?

Wildlingz guild was established around 2 weeks ago

3. What do you do with your guild members?

In-game we do a lot of fun stuff. Run dungeons, events, WvWvW, PVP etc. We do what members want to do.

4. Is this a short term guild or long term guild?

As the starter of Wildlingz guild I would say it's long term guild because I have put a lot of effort in to making the website etc. So I will keep it running as long as I can.

5. As the guild leader can you give us a little bit of information about yourself?

Of course I can. I am 22.5 years old system administrator (linux, windows etc). I love to create a good environment for gamers to be part of. If you have any questions to me personally then feel free to mail/whisper me in-game or send me a PM on forums.

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