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Need help to find a solid power build!

necromancer necromancer power build sambeth

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#1 Macbero


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 06 November 2012 - 03:23 PM

I've seen many Threads here but I haven't found a solid power Build of the Necro here.

Check out that Build: http://intothemists....PBl3PcW5PcW55Bb

And how i've played it:

So... i would be very thankfully if you would post a Thread with a solid power Necro Build or just support me to find the right Build. That build i was running is super squishy against conditional damage, so i decided to run a more survival build like this:

Switched Focus with Warhorn (got that from other Thread here, thanks) and Switched Axe with Staff. Changed "Spectral Grasp" with "Plaguet Signet" and thats it. Fourth skill of Staff transfers all conditions if activated and "Plaguet Signet" is doing the same. DS is for incoming physical damage (if i have LF... thats the point).

What do you think about it?

- I'm trying "Spectral Wall" instead of "Well of Suffer"... maybe that instant 10 stacks vulnerability is high enough to make the same dmg as WoS, sometimes targets are walking two times through the wall, 20 stacks vulnerability is nice and protection is nice as well.. will see

- "Spectral Walk" is good for gain LF and i love to mindf*ck ppl in PvP, if i would choose "Spectral Armor" the effect will disappear if i switch to DS

- If I use the third and at the same place the fourth Staff-Skill and it will be activated the opponents gain weakness wich is good for my surviveability as well

Sorry for my bad english, im german and bad in english :>

Thank you for your attention!

mfg Sambeth/Macbero
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#2 kagemitsu


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Posted 06 November 2012 - 10:44 PM

I'm having quite a bit of success with this:

Mind you, you're basically a glass cannon and if your initial attack fails, you might find yourself in trouble.

That being said, this is the only power build that has worked great for me.

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#3 Merril


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Posted 07 November 2012 - 02:47 AM

From http://www.guildwars...er-burst-build/

I use this although I kinda wanna go conditions for more range.

Ok here is my current Power Build: http://gw2skills.net...B2gG0j3LNnRfYdA; and it dosent lack burst believe me

I use Divinity Runes + Full Exotic Gear (mostly Beseerker) Food (precision+crit dmg) Sigil of Rage ( axe & Dagger) and Sigil of Bloodlust in Offhand (build up those 25 stacks of Power)

Ok stats is NOT correct with what I run in WvW, do alot of smallscale, solo at the Southern Ruins of each Borderland and yesterday I had the Corruptions Stacks for 4 hours straight. Its fun and hit like a truck (granted its Necro , not Thief )

Stats for me(full exotic):

Power: 2400 + 250(Sigil.Corruption) + Some Might stacks. (swap out WoD for BiP and u get well over 3k Power)
Toughness: 1100 (its low yes, but believe me Eles & Thieves with burst have nothing here either)
Vitality: Iam usually around 22k HP

Crit Chance: around 45% (adds from food 100precision)
Crit dmg: 72-75 (adds from food 10%, weapon so on)

My rotation is quite simple: I open with Axe/Focus hit Reapers Touch and some Axe AA to stack up Vunerability then use Golem Charge to KD the target. Swap over to Dagger/WH ( or the Killer as I call it) Use Well of suffering on the target, when target gets up, hit Dark Pact for the Immobilizet to keep target in Well for as much as possible, Blow up the Bone Minion ( often atleast 2,5k/Minion dmg).

And then if target isnt dead u smack him with the Dagger until he begs for mercy, Necrotic Bite highest sofar for me is 4624dmg (on a necro AA Ladies and Gents ).

Well of Darkness u wonder ? Well I use it mostly as a defensive tool in my Arsenal.Nothing cracks me up so as seing the HB-Warriors or "cloak & Dagger" Bugged-Thieves jump in and feel the Power of ....blindness.

Weakness: Well ranged tbh, but dont worry my build has answer there aswell, you have the Golem + Spinal Chivers on the Focus ( and you can build for 1200 range on it aswell ) You could also swap Well of Darkness for say Spectral Grasp for even more rnage counters. I dont cause of the fact I love WoD.

Deathshroud: Well I havent talked much about it cause most targets dont survuve long enough but there are several times u fight multiple targets and then haveing Life Blast hit for 4k+ is lovely granting Might stacks aswell as actually hitting the target behind.

As I said use this mostly in WvW cause there is were you find me, love the opens spaces and free flowing PvP rather then sPvP. Hoowever it works there aswell but try to choose your fights abit more there, dont recommend running solo vs 2+ in sPvP if u dont know the Build.

Enjoy Necro Burst

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#4 Macbero


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 07 November 2012 - 03:05 PM

Thank you guys i'll try that builds, but all of that builds haven't any stun breaker? And many skilled Gamer use conditional dmg, its too squishy though :/.. Plaguet Signet is very important for immobilize and conditional damage and spectal walk for evade incoming physical dmg and mindf*ck playing. (just love it xD)

The Well of Suffering is enough for increasing the burst, in my opinion. As you can see in my montage i use only WoS and it mostly works except at guardians and warriors(on 100b warriors it works i guess)..

Solid Build, it's difficult i know..
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