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Surviving WvW and bagging Badges of Honor

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#1 Malsh


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Posted 08 November 2012 - 03:15 PM

As a male, norn ranger with a beard, the only armor skin that looks somewhat decent is Invader. This apparently requires a lot of tokens.

I've been playing mostly PvE with my ranger and have gotten pretty good at it. I rarely die and can solo some pretty tough mob's. However, when I walk into WvW I just get destroyed. I usually find myself in a small group taking camps or by myself at jumping puzzles. I don't think I have won a single 1v1 yet. And as soon as a thief or warrior look at me, I die. I am pretty sure it is a mixture of my build, armor, and just learning to play. I've set it up to blow through PvE, but WvW is a completely different beast.

So, what armor is good for surviving in WvW when you are typically in a small group? What is the best trait allocation? How am I supposed to use my pets?

And above all else, what is a good way to get those Badges of Honor?

I usually play a trap build, and have the money for exotics, but I don't want to spend it until I know the build I should be going for. I am also worried that the Nov. 15th patch will make whatever build I choose worthless.

Edit: Just realized I posted this in the PvE section........

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#2 iCoN_RaNSuM


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Posted 08 November 2012 - 03:41 PM

I guess I will jump in and tell you how I use my ranger in WvW....

I use a condition build that uses VIII and XI in the Skirmishing line. This lets you ground target your traps and they are bigger and last longer. What that means is when traveling with a group you can stand in the middle / back of the pack and toss your traps out on the front line to put your conditions on the enemy.

Since you are using conditions use Shortbow and Axe / Warhorn

Shortbow will have the cone poison / Axe has the Cone Bleed / and Warhorn will give you mobility with the run speed for your group and yourself.

NEVER run alone. Always look for swords on the map and or ask in map chat where the main attack group is at or who is defending.

You want to be in a pack using your horn and traps for good not just out picking people off... Who do you think you are a thief ? lol

* I think the armor I use in WvW is Carrion for the Condition damage and Vitality.

I hope this helps and good luck on getting those tokens I do not play WvW often but i do fairly well when I do (Only have about 40 tokens with about 13 hours of WvW exp and thats me being a noob and figuring out how to not get smashed like the problem you are having)

Also depending on your server you may have a server wide mumble chat or VOIP that everyone in WvW uses. I know BG does and it helps alot with getting groups and finding the main attack force.
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#3 Rummy the Mad

Rummy the Mad

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Posted 08 November 2012 - 08:35 PM

It's hard to answer questions like "what's the best gear/traits for x situation" simply because it depends pretty heavily on your play style. I like using a blend of berserker's and knight's because I'm already built to avoid a lot of damage and spam conditions, so I stack extra direct damage...plus some toughness for things that you don't see coming - like thieves.

As far as what most rangers use in WvW... The trapping build that iCon is describing is one of the few tested and established directions that you can choose. LB is a popular weapon choice as well since it allows you to hit from a longer distance than other weapons which makes it a good choice for defending.

I personally roam solo a lot, and therefore prefer adaptability over any other one thing, so I tend to use CC heavy weapons like SB/GS with traps to supplement. As a general rule I also recommend using Healing Spring, and traiting to gain vigor on heals. You will be able to dodge all day long, and conditions become nearly a non-issue. Plus your allies will thank you (silently...). :)

Try builds in the PvP lobby to figure out what works for you. The gear isn't exactly the same as PvE/WvW gear, but you can get a good idea of the direction that you want to build toward, and translate that to your gear purchases. The bottom line is to build to what you know, tweak your build a lot until it responds the way you want it to, and don't get too frustrated. You will get your ass handed to you plenty until you learn how to deal with different situations.

And finally, the best way to accumulate tokens is to man siege weapons. It's pretty common for me to rack up 10 tokens or so in a couple of minutes just lobbing a few rocks into a crowd. It won't be a steady source necessarily, but it is quick and easy when you get the chance to use them. Barring that, traps and LB are great for tagging multiple people in a zerg which helps you gain rewards as well.
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