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Looking for a Cross-Server Lobby-like Dungeon Guild


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Posted 08 November 2012 - 05:42 PM

Rynhardt, Level 80 Engineer (Currently grenade vulnerability stacker, though I use multiple builds)
Display name: Rynhardt.3190
Server: Ehmry Bay (Not interested in transferring whatsoever)
Time Zone: Eastern
Age: 20

The type of guild I'm looking for is a large cross-server guild that acts like a dungeon lobby for people to represent and find a party. My daily routine typically consists of mining Orichalcum, completing my dailies, and running the shortest explorables for tokens and loot. Unfortunately, I sometimes have a hard time finding parties for CoE, HotW, and SE though they are my dungeons of choice. I'm not very interested in AC, CM, or CoF at the moment but that could change in the future. Right now, I'm looking to do Crucible of Eternity at least once a day and while forming a party usually doesn't take TOO long, I would love to find a guild that would help me cut that time in half. I'm not particularly experienced with most explorables (Though I have all HotW explorable paths mastered) but I am willing to follow directions and learn the paths, especially since I'll be repeating most of them for tokens. The reason I'm looking for a cross-server guild is to expand our party recruitment options; not only would I be able to ask fellow guild members if they're interested in running a dungeon and map advertise the party on my server, but my party members could also advertise on their own servers as well. I'm not necessarily looking for a community but I'd be fine joining one if it didn't require much participation as I spend most of my time in another social guild I help manage. I'm not interested in joining a guild that splits its focus away from dungeons for spvp or wvw.

Feel free to contact me here or ingame if I meet your guild's criteria.
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