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Prologue: Destination Tyria

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Posted 09 November 2012 - 12:21 AM

Melanie checked the readings one more time before sending the command sequence to the ship's computer. Her solitary vigil was on its fifty-third day and it thankfully would be the last watch of this very long journey. Dwayna Avery was scheduled to take the next ninety day shift but it would no longer be required; their destination was only six days away.

Melanie swiveled slowly in the command chair and surveyed the eight cryo-pods glistening in the spotlights. One of the pods, being hers, was currently empty while the remaining seven contained her fellow mission members.

The eight of them were charged with ensuring that the one hundred and fifty thousand colonists arrived safely upon the new world. The second half of the mission charter involved getting the colonists set on a path of self sufficiency in order to increase the likelihood of their long term viability.

Melanie as the mission's Biotech Officer was well versed in nearly all the ship systems, efficiently processed her last checklist item. She quickly punched up a status update on the mission crew. The results flared up on the ODP in the Ankh System's usual blue colors.

Melanie Drew
Position: Mission BioTechnology Systems Officer
BioAge: 63
Health: +Nominal Active
Arthur Balthazar
Position: Mission Tactical Officer
BioAge: 28
Health: +Nominal CryoStasis
Dwayna Avery
Position: Mission Chief & Medical Officer
Bio Age: 43
Health: +Nominal CryoStasis
Alyssa Grayson
Position: Mission Morale Officer
BioAge: 27
Health: +Nominal CryoStasis
Andrew Donovan
Position: Mission Intelligence Systems Officer
BioAge: 48
Health: +Nominal CryoStasis
Benjamin Dumas
Position: Cryogenic Systems Officer
BioAge: 33
Health: +Nominal CryoStasis
Grantham Melchior
Position: Cryogenic & Embyronic Sustainment Technician
BioAge: 19
Health: +Nominal CryoStasis
Ilysa Grayson
Position: Psychologist
BioAge: 27
Health: +Nominal CryoStasis

As she finished the last system check, Melanie relaxed her concentration and willed her mind to wander.

It would be another day before the activation protocol would commence on the rest of mission members. The next stage of the mission would be the most challenging one. The sheer amount of work would have the team active through day and night cycles as they initiated the systems that would prepare their human cargo for arrival on the planet's surface.

Settlement areas were already mapped out, so the true focus would be the building and growth of the colony with the methodical care necessary to guarantee humanity's survival. Nothing could be rushed, but neither could anything be delayed; there was simply too much to accomplish if the mission didn't remain on schedule.

The planet itself was vast with land masses far larger than Earth's. Of far more interest to Melanie was the confirmed and prolific existence of sentient life on the planet. Hundreds of sentient races, it had been an amazing revelation. All the more so because none of the races seemed to have achieved any high degree of technology. This would give humanity the upper hand, and the mission would need every advantage it could get.

As the oldest person on board, she felt a momentary pang of weariness at the thought. It was purely emotional of course, biologically she was in perfect health thanks to extensive gene therapy. AGT had long ago eliminated most age related maladies for those who were fortunate enough to undergo the process.

All the mission crew had been treated largely due to the fact that the scheduled mission duration was far longer than a normal human lifespan. For ninety-five percent of the human cargo, including the frozen embryos, the therapy had been limited to only genetic filtering to weed out any major health anomalies.

Melanie, unlike Dwayna and the Grayson twins, had no family members on board. Dwayna had her brilliant son; Grantham, serving as a member of the crew. Dwayna's husband, civilian Henry Melchior, was in deep stasis on board as well. While the Grayson sisters, Ilysa and Alyssa were the only twins on board, they were unique in many other ways as well.

Melanie considered the mission team to be her family, she had known most of them all their lives and acted as a mother figure to them as they grew up at the academy.

The command deck lights slowly dimmed as Melanie drifted of to sleep in the reclined chair, any detected problems would sound tell-tales to awaken her. As sleep overcame her, the full realization of the mission ahead weighed heavily upon her thoughts but even those eventually gave way to peace and a sense of hope.

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