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Supportive WvWvW Build

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#1 hobbes


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 09 November 2012 - 07:05 AM

So I have been getting into WvWvW pretty heavily lately, in fact its pretty much going to be my sole objective in the game because I love it so much.

However my current PC kind of sucks...WvWvW runs rather badly even at the lowest possible settings, so DPS is not working out so well for me so I figured might as well go support until I get my new PC (in a few months...I am building a beast!).

I found a few builds that look decent, but I was DPS oriented in beta and since release so I have never touched any kind of support with the Warrior class yet and would love to get some advice for a build.
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#2 Formana


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 09 November 2012 - 06:22 PM

For PvE (and WvW) in general, I am currently using an Axe and a Shield with a Longbow for my ranged weapon. I find the Axe to deal the most DPS out of the 1-handed main hands along with the added bonus of small AoE 4 stacks of vulnerability for 8 seconds on a 6s CD. (Which means you and everyone else attacking the target will deal 4% more damage all the time.) The Shield off-hand is for general tanking since it does add 61 Defense (Exotic lv80), 90 Toughness when traited and Shield Bash is useful for interrupting big attacks and Shield Stance to get out of sticky situations.
The other few viable combos that I can see is a Mace main-hand which gives you a one-time block and two interrupts (burst included) and a Sword off-hand which gives you a one-time block and tons more single target damage.
You can mix and match any of these weapons any way you like to fit your playstyle. :)
For the ranged weapons, I'd choose Longbow over Rifle mainly because of the utility and the AoE the Longbow gives.

Warriors have two kinds of support builds in terms of utilities, the Banner and the Shout.
The Banners, I have no experience with so I can't say much about it but from what I hear, they don't really provide much.

Now the other build uses the three shouts namely "Shake it off", "For Great Justice" and "On my Mark" along with 30 in the Tactics tree taking VIII (Lung Capacity) which reduces the cooldown on your shouts by a fifth giving you 20/20/24 CD respectively and XII (Vigorous Shouts) which gives your Shouts healing for about 1.2-1.5k per shout depending on how much Healing Power you have. Another factor of this build is having 6/6 Runes of the Soldier which gives the effect "Shouts Remove Conditions". In totality, you'll be healing everyone in 600 aoe range for 3.6-4.5k and removing 4 conditions from them every 20/24 seconds tops, in addition to the 6 stacks of might and 10s fury you'll be giving them too.

In lieu with the weapons, there aren't any stand-alone support weapons available for the Warriors BUT you can make them into one with the help of combo fields.

Longbow - Projectiles give 2s Regeneration on a Water Field, Condition Removal on a Light Field and Blast will Heal on a Water Field

Axe - Whirl will project Healing Bolts on a Water Field and Project Cleansing Bolts on a Light Field.

Shield - Leap will heal on a Water Field. (But heck you wouldn't really use this to heal, seriously.)

Other weapons I cannot comment on as I have no experience toying with them on combo Fields.

This is what I am running right now. I am able to hold off my own and deal decent damage while still providing support to my allies.

One note though, I am not too fond of using warhorns since I do not like to get caught in combat while wielding it.


Armors - Knight's (Soldier Rune)
Trinkets - Emerald (Ruby Jewel)
Weapons - Knight's Axe(or sword) and Shield (Fire and Bloodlust) and Berserker's Longbow (Fire)

Defense - 30 taking II, IX, XI
Tactics - 30 taking IV, VIII, XII
Discipline - 10 taking VI

Food Buffs
Chocolate Omnomberry Cream - Gives 45s Duration on Signet of Rage with a 48s Cooldown and 37s 3-stack Might Duration to everyone via "For Great Justice" on a 20s Cooldown. (Perpetual 20% Critical Chance, 33% Movement Speed and 385 Power/Condition Damage.)

Stats - Fully Self-Buffed and 25 stacks of Bloodlust (Slightly different since I'm currently wearing a power/tough/vit legendary main hand and a Triforge Pendant.)
Power - 2426 (3404 Attack)
Precision - 1510 (52% Critical Chance, 33% Critical Damage)
Toughness - 2225 (3497 Armor)
Vitality - 1514 (2435 Health)

Hope I was able to help. :)

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#3 Anzuri


    Vanguard Scout

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Posted 11 November 2012 - 03:17 AM

Hey mate I'm in the same boat as you crappy laptop gives me very low fps but I love wvw.

I find that after playing for a bit you can adjust your playing style to suit the pc handicap plus png. Of course fighting 1v1 will always be a challenge whilst handicapped.

I use a combination of dps + support + survivability. Don't deal a huge amount of damage (still quite a but tho) but combine it with the stuns and interrupts and its lethal.

I use a greatsword + hammer. Greatsword deals some decent damage and the auto lets you apply vulnerability but the major benefits are that it hits multiple targets and the mobility you get is huge. Hammer gives you huge damage with so many stuns and cripples. Combine the crippled with the trait that imobilises for 1 sec on cripple and you have the bladetrail for a ranged cripple on gs and #3 hammer for multiple cripple.

Combine with vit tough pow plus some prec amd it works really well in a group. Jump in do some ccs and damage and run back behind your team. Sometimes you get a good pug that capitalises on your control skills
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