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LF Semi-Hardcore WvW/PVP Guild - NA/EU

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Posted 10 November 2012 - 03:45 PM

Currently experiencing a slight dissipation of interest, and I figured a dedicated WvW/PvP guild would help me revitalize my interests. To clarify: I am not above transferring to ANY server so long as the guild suits my needs (and that includes EU english-speaking servers).

- Time-zone is EST, though my play-time could vary on any given day.

- Dedicated, casually-competitive PvPer with a good knowledge base and the skills to go with that.

- Have Mumble and mic, but I'm willing to get another program if need be (Ventrilo/TS3 etcetc).

- Mature, respectful attitude with a good sense of humor and a love for messing around when the time calls for it.

- Currently have 1 Level 80 (Ranger) and looking to make more (Level 40 necromancer).

- Would love a guild with decent numbers (100+) to have a good player-base to actually get things done in WvW and sPvP.

- A well-established guild with a reputable name, even if its only reputable on the server from which they hail from.

- Again, no preference to which server you hail from...so if you've got a guild that fits my criteria, I'm your man to fit YOUR criteria.
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