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Lets Talk Runes / Sigils / Crests (for thief wvw)

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#1 rehk135


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Posted 11 November 2012 - 02:12 PM

Having a Hard time trying to decide on what runes/sigils to use for my d/d setup
Torn between These for sigils:
-Double +5% crit
-Double Lifesteal
-Double Fire (aoe proc 5 sec icd)
-Double Air (single proc 5 sec icd)
And for Runes and Crests Cant decide whether to go:
-x6 Crests of Soldier (120power, 84vit 84 toughness)
-x6 Crests of Rabid (120power, 84 precision, 84 condition)
-x6 Runes of Mesmer (and use sword/dagger for the nice 2.66second daze and precision / power)
-x6 Runes of Eagle (for the precision and crit dmg and dmg while -50 hp)
-x6 Runes of Vamprism (might be cool using those and x2 sigils of blood + malice healing skill)
-x6 Runes of the Thief (for Precision, Condition dmg, and +10% positional dmg)
-x6 Runes of Rata Sum (Precision +15% posion duration and 50% chance to proc radiation field)
-x6 Runes of Rage (mad crit dmg)
-x6 Runes of Infiltrator (50 precision 10% dmg to -50% or under hp foes, and Cloak at 10% hp proc)
-x6 Runes of Air for (10% crit dmg, bonus swiftness perks, and 20% chance to cause lightning strike when hit)
-x6 Runes of Scholar for 165 power, +8% crit dmg and +10% dmg when hp is above 90% (for that first initial combo)
Just Can’t decide, I can see All these being useful in certain situations on my Thief.
I’m leaning toward using the Lifesteal or Flat +crit on weapons, and then using either scholar, infil, thief, or vamprism for the armor, but its still SOO hard to decide.
What do my fellow thieves think about the above choices. (Stick to these, I defiantly do not want to use the other options)
Thank you Very Much
(Edit: main consideration is what would be best suited for WvW small scale fights, like 10v10 or so, thanks)

Whats the word on Superior Sigils of Strength? 30% chance on crit to gain might for 10 seconds sounds kinda awesome for double daggers. (especially if you got a Critical Haste proc)
Anyone tested those out?
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#2 Lalnuir


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Posted 12 November 2012 - 04:11 AM

First thing you need to realize is ANY two sigils that have a cool down even if they have different names will share a cool down.
Running two fire sigils it will only proc once every 5 seconds.
If you run rage and air and your rage pops then your air will not pop for the next 45 seconds.
Also afaik sigils of the same name that add stats do not stack so two sigils of accuracy is still only 5% crit not 10%.

Superior sigil of strength also has a cool down of about 2 seconds even thou it doesn't say it does. Even with 71% crit I couldn't get more than 4 stacks of might off a dagger storm in the middle of the big group of golems in the mists.

As for runes I haven't tried out most of the ones you mentioned. In WvW I find my self under 90% hp way too often for scholar toreally be worth it imo. I'm still running ruby orbs atm because I can't find a set of runes I like more than them.
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#3 Reikou


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Posted 12 November 2012 - 04:54 AM

I personally use Sigil of Air and Sigil of Superior Accuracy (5% Crit)

For runes I personally use Rune of the Wurm. IMO Best choice for a thief as it gives a good balance of vit (what Thieves need) and offense.

I don't think you really need to stack much more offense for WvW, mostly because PvE gear already has over-the-top offensive stats, especially critical damage. Its really not necessary to stack more in order to kill with the 3-shot combo.

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#4 Sinful01


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Posted 15 November 2012 - 07:33 PM

6 Ruby Orbs? = 120 Power; 12% Critical Damage; 84 Precision

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