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[ThUn] The Unnamed - EU, Experienced Blacktide WvW Guild

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Posted 11 November 2012 - 04:03 PM

The Unnamed Guild
We are recruiting for WvW Only!

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  • Website: www.the-unnamed.com
  • Recruitment Status: OPEN for WvW (Open to all races/classes.)
  • Server: Blacktide
  • Region: UK/EU (Anyone outside of these regions can still apply.)
  • Age Requirement: Applicants must be 18 or over.
  • Play-style: Semi-Hardcore / WvW
  • Guild Leader: Benki
  • Officers: Aeonax, Bladeh, Kaboom, Papaganoosh, Phoru, Snort, Oton

About Us

The Unnamed is a European Guild looking to recruit for WvW players. We are a semi-hardcore guild which is full of experienced gamers. We have been playing games together as a guild since the release of Warhammer Online, and have been dominating in Open PvP since then.

We aim to build a WvW force large enough so that we can make massive impacts when entering Borderlands. We have two experienced Commanders, Bladeh and Snort, who have been leading us in Open PvP since our fantastically successful Warhammer days. We had some great moments in that game as well as in this game, and we would like to recreate such glorious moments within Guild Wars 2.

As it stands, we don't have so much of a large force as we used to. We lost a lot of members due to boredom of the game's content within the first 1-2 months, making it so that our WvW numbers have withered. This has proven difficult for us, as we're not getting the numbers we need to be able to make the difference within WvW. Blacktide has been losing recently and we want to be the guild to rally all of those who are interested and care about WvW, and take it back for the server before we drop in rankings!

We are only specifically recruiting for WvW players right now as we feel that we need to balance our playerbase out and get some really dedicated PvP members in our guild who will be in the Borderlands on a nightly basis. We are a friendly bunch and are always up for a good laugh in Mumble, but when it comes down to it we are focused and a well disciplined bunch of gamers who know their stuff when it comes to Open PvP.

A Brief History

The Unnamed, originally a UK based guild, has been going strong for 4 years, and was formed by a group of friends and previous members of a former guild for the release of Warhammer Online. When WAR came out, we started off small but within 6 months of the game's release we grew huge, merging and absorbing with several smaller guilds, resulting in us getting some of our best players that we have today. We became a large force and influence in the RvR and through one of our Commanders, Bladeh, we made a name for ourselves.

We branched off into other MMO's such as Aion, FFXIV, Rift and SWTOR. None of these cames suited us as a guild and when our core members heard about GW2 and the promises of WvW, we knew it'd be the game for us where we would stay and flourish.

Our Mission Statement & Goals

We tend towards semi-hardcore gameplay but we have players will all sorts of play styles within the guild. We want to be BIG in WvW - we generally have a laid back approach towards gaming with a philosophy of RL > gaming, but at the same time when something needs doing in WvW and we're out in force, we make sure we are focused and can do our best to hammer the enemy. The Unnamed intend to be ready for the task; we expect our members to aim to achieve great things but be having fun at the same time.

We expect members to be active participants within the guild, the events we set up and it's community. We run all sorts of events to keep our members keen and active. Our officers are hard working people who are always helpful and setting up things for people. If you join a guild, you need to be active within it and show your support and care for it!

We have established ourselves as one of the main forces within Blacktide and have shown that we get things done and have good results. We aim to have our guild grow larger over the course of the next year so that we will be the largest and most dominating force on the server.

Additional Information

As well as a sub-section for Guild Wars 2 on our forum, we also run a Mumble server for us to play games together on. People are on there most nights and it's a very friendly environment full of laughter and banter. There are members on every night, with a large amount in the WvW channel within people also in other channels exploring PvE content.

We also have a full set of rules on our website which I won't fully list here, but it includes the usual rules such as no tolerance to racism or sexism, no drama and we expect members to respect each other.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to message me on these forums.

How to Apply

To apply, make an account on our website and then head over to our WvW application form: http://www.the-unnamed.com/wvwapp

A response may take a few days, as our Commanders are usually very busy with leading, so please be patient when waiting for acceptance!

Benki, The Unnamed Guild Wars 2 Leader

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#2 Benki


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Posted 05 January 2013 - 02:22 PM

The Unnamed has a new batch of officers in play and we are still recruiting for WvW players in Blacktide to come help us become a large force within the server once again.
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