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Parade of the Ice Queen - Winterday Event

event wintersday

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Posted 11 November 2012 - 07:38 PM

Parade of the Ice Queen

Playing around the some ideas for a wintersday event.

The “Snow Princess”, and ethereal, semi-divine, elemental Fairy, has always kept the harshness of winter in balance. However, a witch, now calling therself the Ice Queen, have captured the snow princess, and is using her power to wreck havoc all around Tyria. She must be stopped!

Part I – The Parade

Doing this event (last for X days), once every hour (maybe 30 min window too), Ice Queen and her parade will appear on one of maps (random). She will move slowly, from point A to B. The goal is to destroy her before she reaches the End Point. If done so, the participated player will gain reward, as well as a point (Overthrow Queen points) in the overall event. If not, the Ice Queen will gain a point too (up to 3), which make her next appearance more deadly.

Ice Queen does not travel alone. She has an small army of Ice Golem, Snow Man, Yetis, Frostbloods, and other Ice creatures follow her. When she appears, the whole map will start drifting light snows. But as closer you get up to her, the snow become blizzard. Ice Queen also have a Ice Storm Aura, which is a large covering Aura that effect all player inside (effect increase the more point she have. So point one would make all within the aura slow, while at point five, it would slow, constantly damage, and rain large hail, as well as possible freeze (immobile) player in the aura).

Ice Queen is immue to any damage. You must destroy 3 ice crystal she travel with first That means taking out section of the mobs in her parade. (the mob and the ice crtystal will respawn back after while) Once done, player than can dump damages onto the ice queen. While her mob will engage nearby player, Ice Queen will keep moving till her 3 crystal are destroyed.

This meant as a large group event. Thus encourage that once she is spotted, call everyone from major town over. Beside the gold and karma and exp from complete the event, you could also get special event item or token, that could be trade in for wintersday gears skins too.

Part II – Rescuing the Princess

Part I will run for few days. After it is done, a raid-dungeon will open up. It will be 4-group dungeon (so 20 players per run). However, there is an entrance fee (which will require X number of wintersday special item/token). But depend on how well you do in Part I (how much Overthrow Queen points your server earn), the entrance fee would be reduced.

In the dungeon, you will face mobs and mini-boss, before you come up on the Ice Queen herself again. Here, she will be a larger (world-boss size), more fearsome version of what you faced before. Beside needing to destroy the respawing ice crystals, your team must also guard a wagon of hot oil that will be used to dump on to her.

Once she is defeated, you will release the Snow Princess that was incased in the ice, and gain another Overthrow Queen points for your server too.

Part III - Ending (Happily ever after?)

At the last day of the event, the Overthrow Queen points are counted, and your server much reach X points in order to complete the event. If the event is completed, the Snow Princess is rescued, you server’s LA will get a weekend long celebration. Also till the end of the year, if you go to a certain location in Shiverpeak, you could enter an area to see the Snow Princess.

But if your server didn’t reach enough points needed, the Snow Princess will be still be consider sleeping, and you won’t get the celebration, nor the chance to visit her later.
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