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Unique Weapons and 11th Skill

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#1 actionjack


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Posted 13 November 2012 - 06:37 AM

The green weapons of GW1 make a return. (well, since green color is already taken, so see more of a aqua/teal color for the name). Those would be named gears (can be weapon, armor, or accessories), chance drop from unique boss mobs. (the boss could also drop unique shards, which act like tokens that can be collected and trade-in for the gear). Beside having a slightly better stats (like 1-3 points difference, but not pass the exo range), it also would have a unique name, a description, a different skin or coloration or effect, as well as possible different spread of stats (maybe even 4 spreads, as oppose to the usual 3), or its own unique, none-removable runes or signet.

This could also open up the idea of the 11th skill. Some gears would have a skill on them, equipping it allow you to use the 11th skill. Some skill could be active, or passive-active (like sig). You can equip multiple skill-slotted gears, but can only use one at time (but can choose, much like utility skills).

(and not sure if those weapon should be soulbound or account bound or not, or allow tradable...hmmm
Also could add other anti-farming tricks, like can only have chance to get one green once per day, etc)

The purpose is to make boss hunting more fun, looting more unique, add as end-game content, and allow for better character customization.

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#2 Raagar Deathclaw

Raagar Deathclaw

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Posted 31 January 2013 - 07:40 PM

Currently there are named items that are still considered exo (khilbrons armor for example) as for the 11th skill that would take a bit of balancing since now when you enter a lower lvl area you have not only one extra skill than players of that lvl but that skill is very powerful (i assume the skill is powerful because otherwise why would it appeal to 80s)
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Posted 31 January 2013 - 09:47 PM

IDk about an 11th skill.

That being said it would be nice to see some of the unique weapons (like legendary & future acended weapons) having at least one skill or utility that is unique to them & becomes available to the person who has it equipped as long as they have it equipped.
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#4 Jentari


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Posted 08 February 2013 - 01:29 PM

While I like the idea of named weapons (like GW1) we do have them already in game. Plus we do not need another token, laurel, cash type system in game.
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#5 Kurosov


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Posted 25 February 2013 - 03:03 PM

We already have named weapons, unfortunately they all come from the MF or chests.

I'd like to see them add named bosses that drop weapons but also make those weapons available from chests/MF to balance things out.

Put these bosses in hard to access areas and implement a system for both bosses and jumping puzzles that has you moved to the exit or nearest waypoint when you log out to remove spawn camping.
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