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Playstation Vita Remote play

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Posted 14 November 2012 - 06:32 AM

Ok so hold out im sure anyone who clicked this is like haha no lol trolls, but here me out for a second.
This is GW2 not running but streaming from my PC to my vita.

note: i am not the first person to find this im just the first person i know of running gw2 using it and wanted to share.

-The UI is turned off
-Its a little slow but very fun and quite playable.
-Its not all that practical but for sitting on the couch collecting T1 mats its great.

My button layout is as follows (yes im sacrificing some skills for this)
- Right bumper – wep skill 1
- left bumper – look behind
- x – jump
- triangle – autoloot
- square – utility skill 2
- circle- utility skill 3
- up arrow – switch wep
- down arrow – heal
- left arrow wep skill 2
- right arrow – wep skill 4

1. Download & Install:
-PlayStation®Mobile SDK 0.99
-PlayStation®Mobile Development Assistant
Go to this link directly from your PS Vita browser and go to the 2nd item. By clicking download you’ll be taken to the PS Store
-PS Vita Remote Desktop packet.rar
2. After the installation of Vita SDK on your PC, run PsmStudio from your desktop. Next connect your Vita to PC via USB. It should install drivers (for Vista proper ones are with COM3 ending). Sometimes it can be wrongly detected so try few times.
3. Run PSM Dev from your Vita
4, If everything installed ok onto your PC (drivers for Vita) then Run PsmStudio and open PS Vita Remote Desktop in it:
-Click Open
-Go to the folder where you unpacked it.
-Go to VitaRemoteClient folder and open VitaRemoteClient.sln
-Right click on bolded VitaRemoteClient and look for Run With >
-If the drivers for Vita were installed succesfully there should be PS Vita (xxxxxxxx) on, off if assistant on Vita is not working or it is disconnected.
- Don’t click it. WAIT

5. Go to the folder PS VITA REMOTE DESKTOP and now go to VitaRemoteServer folder and run VitaRemoteServer.exe
There should be a bubble with your PC IP. Note it !

6. Check if PSM Dev on Vita is running and Vita is connected via USB to your PC.
7. Go to PSM Studio on your PC and Run with > PS Vita (xxxxxxx) on
8. It should install VitaRemoteServer app in your PSM Dev app and auto start it.
9. A box will show up when you need to type your PC IP from point 5.
10. Click Connect after typing you IP and Voila !

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