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For a new PvPer

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#1 phuriok


    Pale Tree Seedling

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Posted 14 November 2012 - 10:56 PM

So I've been searching the forums and I've found some amazing posts about builds and classes that have helped a ton. I know i'll catch hell for this but Im a WvW commander, love playing League of Legends, and seriously enjoy ALL types of pvp. I've recently been hooked by tournaments. Except, I haven't won a single round yet lol. I run a 500 player guild and I've been trying to get a tPvP group or two going.

  I play Guardian and can't decide how I want to play it quite yet as I don't know exactly what Im playing to be honest. I'm looking for the strategy. A thread, an experienced player. I'd like to have the knowhow to not only help my guild members with their class builds but also in what situations to apply them. I understand that strategies will vary depending on enemy team comps, our own team comps, the map, etc. I've seen terms like Roamer, Bunker, etc. I want to know how to apply them and when to apply them.

   Lol clearly I have a lot of questions and I understand that most of them are very noobish to long time PvPers but any help at least with some basic strategy would be amazing especially since I know this is a very broad topic. Videos are great too.


#2 DWi Gasmask

DWi Gasmask

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Posted 15 November 2012 - 05:54 AM

K so just put svanir runes in your gear, and make sure you have a stun break handy. Now find a generic guardian build, go to a point and defend it long enough for your team to reinforce it, if they dont make it in time and you drop low, your svanir will proc. At this point you will use a stun break to release yourself from stupid things like game mechanics and book heal yourself to full. At this point have your staff elementalist use svanir runes as well and rush the enemy point! He does the exact same thing except his role is to keep the point neutral. Make sure to split the enemy if they are a aoe condition heavy team by using the svanir ele to put pressure on their side node. If the pressure isn't strong enough and they don't peel, send a thief to apply more pressure to cause the enemy to reinforce the node. If they do peel, let them have it, because chances are you peeled enough of them off in order to secure the other 2 nodes. The idea is to bunker down two nodes and apply pressure if needed on the third to mess up their momentum and cause them to make a mistake. Stagger kills in order to break any chance of them being able to force a giant fight. Respawn timers are 58, 38, 18. Start the stomp at 02, 42, and 22 to ensure the longest respawn possible. If you want to stagger respawns make sure to stomp their team at different intervals. I'd go more in depth but i was obviously joking, aside from the respawn timers, use that info to your liking!

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#3 phuriok


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Posted 16 November 2012 - 02:49 AM

thanks, it certainly shed some light on the basic strategy at least. Would anybody happen to have a post that outlines some basic if not advanced tpvp strategy?

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