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Tourney Mode Warrior?

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#1 nicktjc


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Posted 15 November 2012 - 09:56 AM

First time poster, and I have to comment on something. Now I have been playing as a Warrior for what must be A LOT of hours in PVP, premade and all, rank 22...and using Golradaer's (sp?) Adrenal warrior build (which, IMO, has worked out the best for me as far as roaming, point gathering...NOT defending)...

So I'm not just some noob saying that Warrior sux, and it doesn't...but...

WTF is my role? I mean, seriously...In a well organized pre...guild or no...the warrior feels COMPLETELY USELESS.

I have won some battles, and I have lost some battles...but I feel now that everyone has "kind of" a grasp on class mechanics...the more and more I start to think that maybe, honestly, the warrior is out damaged and just basically outdone in a lot of areas. In CC? no, the warrior is a dps dishing/cc balancing beast, it is true. But in a very tightly controlled tourny situation, I feel the warrior lacks a real solid PLACEMENT in a group dynamic. I could go into various sitiuations I have had with certain premades and tactics, but basically my question is...

As someone who has put in the hours, does anyone else question the real value that a warrior has in a solidly built premade tournament/guild group?
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#2 Shinimas


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Posted 15 November 2012 - 11:33 AM

DPS glass cannon roamer. Get that Greatsword, spec 20/20 something else, get the Axe in the off-slot (Sword, Mace or Hammer will work too, it will grant you more setups for 100b, but less burst), pick up Frenzy, Balanced Stance (Warrior is good for stomping) and Bull's Charge/Throw Bolas.

And bombs away, start killing people and stomping.

Nothing else is viable on the Warrior in tPvP.
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#3 Ouro


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Posted 15 November 2012 - 03:15 PM

You bring two things, DPS and CC. Pick DPS.
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#4 Isms


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Posted 18 November 2012 - 03:35 AM

Warriors are great roamers, you just have to work as a team. Team calls out where help is needed, bunker let's you know the status of the enemy team's stunbreakers/heals. Calls a target for you, you charge in, do your burst, move on to the next node. If you're going into Tournies though, I suggest knights amulet with berserkers jewel. In paids, you'll just get eaten up. Good players know that warriors can't escape like thieves can, and they'll all focus you.

Greatsword is still one of the best builds, it may be considered a 'noob' build, but if timed correctly, even pros will die to it. Its roaming capabilities are what really makes it superior, as the skills are built for in&out burst. However; the part where warrior really shines is knowing where to use 100b, and that place is on top of downed enemies. My tourny team has practically moved on from trying to stomp enemies, and instead we use downed players as bait for aoe. 100b can easily keep anyone from being revived and down anyone on top of them. They do this better than any other class.

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