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need help deciding on build going forward

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Posted 15 November 2012 - 05:17 PM

ok so i've been playing sporadically since launch, mostly because my work schedule hasn't really offered the time to play more often. just hit level 50 and i'm trying to decide where to go with my traits. i got the book to go to 20 point sin each trait line.

up until now i've been playing mostly in earth and fire with scepter/dagger. all my gear is hearty gear, and my trinkets/rings etc are vit/tough. i use cond damage/blee duration runes, the corruption and agony sigils and i use cdamage/precision gems in my vit/tough accessories/trinkets/rings.

i do pretty good this way stayingin earth and using the signet of fire, plus stacking bleeds with auto-attack and circle straffing/dodging or using the interrupt/knockdown and then curning earth if there a few mobs i want to stack bleeds on. i hardly ever die, but it is sorta boring. in de's i usually get my staff equipped and use earth and fire.

so i am tryign to figure out a good build and playstyle that i will enjoy. i've considered going into the arcame line and picking up elemental attunement and starting to stance dance more often. idk if i would like this style or not. i want something that will be close to the survivability i got with the build i was using but with a little more flavor and variation.

i've been reading some of the different builds that people have been discussing and some of them sound interesting but i'm just not quite sold on any. i know some of you will say just start trying them out and see what you like. but i'd like some opinions here if some ofyou wouldnt mind.

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