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Elementalist build/gear/rune question

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#1 Raif89


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 15 November 2012 - 09:21 PM

I'm running a D/D elementalist using 20 air/20 water/30 arcana with traits:

Air: Zephyr's Boon, Quick Glyphs
Water: Soothing Wave, Cleansing Wave
Arcana: Elemental Attunement, Renewing Vigor, Evasive Arcana

Berserker's: Shoulder's, Gloves, Boots, Earrings, Amulet , Ring
Power/Vitality/Toughness: Chestpiece
Power, Precision, Condition: Damage (this will be changed when I get a chance) Daggers
Power/Precision/Toughness: Pants, Ring
Power/Vitality/Critical Damage: Headpiece

These are all a mix of rares/exotics (some level 78 some 80)

Attack: 2690
Critical Chance: 42%
Critical Damage: 56%
Armor: 2012
Health: 14,005

I was wondering what runes to use. I've got a major sigil of battle on 1 dagger and a major sigil of fire on the other. I was thinking of boon duration runes but i'm not sure.

What runes would you suggest for boon duration? 2*Monk and 2*Water and then what?

Any input on the gear/stats themselves would be highly appreciated.
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#2 Aetou


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Posted 15 November 2012 - 10:28 PM

Ideally I'd probably go for Divinity in the last two slots, but that isn't exactly a cheap option. The cheap alternative is Beryl Orbs (I think you need the extra health more than the precision that Ruby ones would give.) Alternatively if you want more boon duration then I'd suggest looking at Citadel runes for +15% Fury duration (for maximum damage increase) - the Superior versions are only 21s but you can get the Major ones for about 5s which give the same Fury duration and only lose 10 Power (which isn't much, and it saves 30s.)

With regards to the Monk runes, and your gear in general, I wonder if you are perhaps slightly too squishy and so you might want to consider getting a couple more bits of AC Soldier gear (you pay 60 more tokens for the gear than you would for just the rune, and if you want to get just the rune later to put on the Berserker gear you can salvage it to extract it and get a few ecto too.) It depends how you are finding things, personally I hate having less than 16k health (but a big chunk of that is WvW, where I need to not die as I'm frequently a Commander at the leading edge of a zerg... although the number of times in dungeons I survive with 2k health or less makes me think I'd be downed a lot more there too if I changed my gear much.)

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#3 Raif89


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 15 November 2012 - 10:45 PM

yea i was aiming for 16k health and around 1.8k toughness, but im not sure how to get it without sacrificing a lot of damage as I'd need another 200 vitality. Ive been doing WvW for a bit like this and it seems to be alright, I don't die that much, and was running dungeons like this as well and seem to do alright.

Im picking up another piece, and it will either be the headpiece or the pants so i can squeeze some more vitality, but getting another 2k health seems like id have to sacrifice either a lot of power or crit/crit damage. I'll try it out see if om ok with the less damage and how it affects my survivability but I seem to be alright so far. It's 4k less than my glass cannon warrior, but the healing is soooo much that Ive been able to keep myself alive.

As for the runes, I've got 4 major runes of divinity ATM so I can do the 2 monk/2 water/2 major divinity i guess. It looks like I can get 89% boon duration with 30% from Arcana, 15% from the monk runes, 15% from the Water runes and 20% from food.

Edit - also, most if not all the gear save the daggers and the chestpiece are level 78 (1 pair of 76 exotic boots) exotics/rares, ive got 1 level 65 rare ring, the rest of the accessories are rares. It should be a bit better with full 80 exotics no? I mean once i get my hands on some berserkers daggers I can swap something for more vitality in it like the headpiece and the pants i guess without suffering a damage loss.

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#4 Raif89


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 03 December 2012 - 12:13 AM

So ive been playing more on my ele, and was wondering. what would be the best way to optimize the gear ive got on her ATM? as in what would be "best in slot" as it were?

Im trying to get a bit more health in without sacrificing too much damage and was wondering if there is any way i could better optimize the gear.

Ill out here an updated version of the gear since i changed it a bit:

Head: Valkyrie - Power/Vitality/Crit damage
Shoulder: Berserker - Power/Precision/Crit damage
Chest: AC - Power/Vitality/Toughness
Gloves: Berserker - Power/Precision/Crit damage
Pants: AC - Power/Vitality/Toughness
Boots: Berserker - Power/Precision/Crit damage

Daggers: Berserker - Power/Precision/Crit damage

Amulet: Berserker - Power/Precision/Crit damage
Earrings: Berserker - Power/Precision/Crit damage
Ring 1: Ouroboros Loop - Precision/Toughness/Condition damage (will get changed when another P/V/T ring drops)
Ring 2: Berserker - Power/Precision/Crit damage
Backpiece: Power/Vitality/Toughness
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