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Idiot Savants [iQ] Core Team Recruiting E-Sport Level Players

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Posted 16 November 2012 - 02:01 AM

Contact Valor.1690 or Tumri.7892 In-Game - Alternatively you can PM me here on the Guru forums.
  • The original Guild Wars 1 [iQ] was a highly ranked competitive GvG team that played the game at a top 5 E-Sport level throughout it's history. The newly reformed [iQ] team is seeking to play at a similar competitive level. If you would like to play with other players that have the intent of being at the apex of the GW2 tPvP scene then we might be right for you.[GW-Memorial][GW Wiki]
  • We are looking for high quality players that do not need to be told how to play. We are seeking those that are already adept at the professions that they play and we expect you to be able to win the mass majority of balanced 1v1s and to be able to contribute to a teamfight effectively. Being able to play multiple professions at a competitive level is a huge plus.
  • Any applicants must be adept at handling the downed state. You shouldn't take more than a second to start ressing and you should have the twitch to instantly start stomping nearby downed players.
  • Some degree of theorycrafting ability is a must and being able to theorycraft very well is a huge plus. You should know how to build your profession without handholding from other top players.
  • Maturity is as much a requirement as skill. We do not want to play with the type of player that will cause the team grief or ruin our time playing. This is not to say we don't have fun while we play. We simply do not want flakes, *ssholes, whiners, or QQers.
Professions Priority(Highest to Lowest): Mesmer, Elementalist, Guardian

Approx. Practice Times: 6PM to 12AM EST on Weekdays, 5PM to 12AM EST on Weekends. Times are subject to change(slightly, not dramatically) based on team member needs and availability.

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