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Help With Build Please

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Posted 16 November 2012 - 11:49 PM

Hello all, been wrecking my brain over a new build since the Evasive Arcana nerf and I think I found something I like. Could use a critique tho:


This is a primarily a PVE-Dungeon spec with Dagger/Dagger. Also note that my brother plays this game and I duo dungeons with his 2H Hammer/Staff support/heals Guardian. I also sometimes trio with another Guardian who I believe is spec’d more damage/support (I forget). So right off the bat before going into a dungeon I have at least 1 guardian on my side.

Perks of the build:
1) Perma Fury (correct me if I’m wrong). Total fury duration (2 Auras + 2 sec attunement swaps) is 20 seconds. Air Aura (traited) recharges in 20 seconds.
2) Attunement swap condition cleansing.
3) Auras for the party (which is kinda meh except for the daze). Can always change to Cleansing Water.
4) 2% damage per boon.
5) Near infinite Vigor (+2% damage from the above, main reason I got it).

Armor Choices:
Head to Feet – Valkyrie Set (Power/Vitality/Crit Damage).
Runes – Same as above.
Jewelry – Full Power/Precision/Crit Damage (including augment).

Weapon Choices:
Dagger Weapons – Valkyrie Set (Power/Vitality/Crit Damage)
Sigil – Might on swap and maybe the flame burst aoe.

The logic behind the build is assuming I get 30% crit chance (or more) with jewelry alone, If I add in perma-fury that’s 50% crit chance right there. That means better damage (including crit damage armor) and perma vigor (with +2% damage).
Also I want vitality over toughness because I have a guardian almost always with me. He reduces damage quite often by 33%. If I have 2 guardians, it’s even better. Other classes can reduce damage as well. But the one thing no class can give me is Vitality. That only comes from gear.


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