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new contents announcement, dynamic events and one time events

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#1 pumpkin pie

pumpkin pie

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Posted 17 November 2012 - 02:15 PM

When I first heard about Guild Wars 2 being a "dynamic" centered mmorpg, I had no idea at all what it meant, after following the news for years I grew to like the idea of it. To me it meant, I have to travel the world of Tyria as an online game traveller, look for hints of distress npc/townfolks/creature/ etc, talk to them if I don't see the hint. Decide there and then if I wanted to help them or watch them suffer as Bandits take away their crops and farm animals. If i choose to help, the Bandits will attack me, if I choose not the help the Bandits will not attack me. I surely do not expect there to have hearts, green 3D Astericks or any kind of markers to tell me what to do in this dynamic online world.

The game then launched, i played it, decided to overlook the fact that the whole map is a giant exclamation mark/guide telling you what to do, I mean I don't even what to know which npc is a merchant kind of dynamic world, if i wanted to sell something, i've got to go search for the merchant, look for tent, or any hint that that guy/npc is a merchant, hence there's nothing dynamic about this world. Then announcement of Halloween ... as if players won't know that there's a Halloween celebration going on, one merely has to travel to Lion's Arch and you'd be overwhelm by the decoration! players stumble across mysterious doors on the plains which one gets to do trick or treat is enough! so why the announcement?

If Tyria is a dynamic centered world, why do we need to be told that something is going to happened? why can't it be dynamic as well, worst of all, these events that you are told of, are a one time event that only those that are in the favorable location can enjoy, however, if it is a true dynamic world, and there are no announcement made, no one would be irritated (yes, i am irritated by the one time event, because i've missed both by far! and god knows how many more in years to come cause of the time difference, but thats not what this thread is about) by the fact that they are unable to attend the one time event. because it is, after all Dynamic!

So, why won't the game go all out and be a Dynamic world? trust your players, we will know what to do even without your many pointers and markers and announcements.

/rant off ... i contemplated for a long time to post this, ... I had to get it out, so now it is, I don't think the chance of a true dynamic world be implemented, but i wish it would be so.

FYI I still enjoy the game very much, in fact i am fighting an eagle griffon while typing this :P
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#2 Oduru


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Posted 17 November 2012 - 02:25 PM

I think first and foremost you might have to read up on the actual meaning of 'dynamic'. It has nothing to do with (not) exactly knowing what might be going on where nor the frequency (once or repetitively) of happenings and events.

I understand you don't like the way A'Net guides players both in-game and on social media/their website to certain (important) events a lot of people might otherwise not experience. This, however, has nothing to do with the in-game world being dynamic.
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#3 madmaxII


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Posted 17 November 2012 - 02:31 PM

First of all, GW2 does not have a dynamic world. It has some dynamic events that change minor parts of a map. The rest of the world is static.

As far as the guidance is concerned that's how games targeting a large audience have to be designed nowadays. For example, you can't confront people with Morrowind-style "go to location x south-east of town y, then search cave z somewhere south of it" diary guidance anymore.
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#4 Baron von Scrufflebutt

Baron von Scrufflebutt

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Posted 17 November 2012 - 02:34 PM

Remove vertical progression and let us roam the world.
Then, and ONLY then, can I agree with the idea of removing guidelines. But as long as vertical progression is as important as it is currently in GW2, then I want the game to tell me as specifically as possible what I should be doing to be able to advance.
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