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[For fun] A new Necro-specific condition!

necromancer condition nevergonnahappen

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#1 Reverse Ghost

Reverse Ghost

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Posted 18 November 2012 - 01:09 AM

Alright, well all know that the 25 Bleed stack limit can create some problems for our damage output in large scale fights. This isn't a new idea, but let's just spitball some ideas for a new condition that would be more fitting for the Necromancer than boring old generic bleeding.

My ideas:

Possible name: Decay

Effect idea 1: does more damage for each other condition on the foe
Effect idea 2: does more damage as time goes on
  • As a hypothetical example, if it would do 4 ticks, the first tick would hit for 100, the second for 110, the third for 120, and the last for 130
  • This would put a bit more focus on Condition Duration and give a new dimension to Necromancer builds and gear selection
  • For default duration, it would do the same damage as Bleed (Decay would do 100+110+120+130=460 and Bleed would do 115x4=460), but as you increase your condition duration through traits and gear you would see much greater damage output
  • An increase of 1 extra tick for Decay would be 140 more damage, Bleed would only get 115 more, and so on
Now I'm not a number cruncher and this could be horribly imbalanced; it's just something I thought of last night. What ideas have you guys got for a new condition that fits the Necromancer both more aesthetically and thematically than bleeding?
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#2 Relair


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Posted 18 November 2012 - 03:51 AM

Sounds good to me, I've always been a fan of damage ramping up over time style dots. The only problem would be it would only be useful in boss fights and stuff, on regular mobs and DE and such you'd end up doing less damage than bleeds because things die so fast. On the other hand you wouldn't have to worry about hitting the bleed cap as much since you'd be doing a different kind of damage. They probably would never add anything like this though, the conditions and boons all seem pretty set in stone, theres so many items, traits and skills that interact with them in various ways it would take alot of effort to add something new.
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#3 Craywulf


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Posted 18 November 2012 - 04:03 AM

Instead of jacking up your bleeds in your build how about jacking up your other conditions. I play necromancer and I avoid the "bleed builds" because bleeding is most common trait so it's going high the 25 cap real quick with bosses. I try to focus on poison, vulnerability, and weakness. I know it isn't efficient in terms of solo builds, and I know there aren't really builds that focus on poison, vulnerability or weakness individually. I guess my point here is that there doesn't need to be a lot focus on bleeds and burning because these two conditions are super easy to cap on bosses.
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#4 Shadow209


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Posted 18 November 2012 - 12:42 PM

I like the first idea, damage for each other condition. This would encourage people to concentrate on various conditions, instead of just one (usually bleeding), so this would go well with the idea of a necromancer. Also it could be a trait instead of a condition. Something like: Damage caused by bleeding and poison is increased for every condition on the target. So poison and bleeding would increase each others damage output and every other condition would increase the damage even further.

The second idea focuses too much on duration. On the "standard" bleeding builds you can choose between duration and damage. I have not put anything in duuration, because I prefer lots of cond damage instead, so I use the rune of undead. Other people prefer runes that give you more bleeding duration. Both works fine, its just personal preference.
The advantage of cond. duration is, that you do the same amount of damage with less stacks of bleeding, so don't hit the cap that easy.
Though I have to add, that I currently switched to a dual Dagger melee build, it's great fun. I suggest you try it, if you can afford a second set of equipment.
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#5 TheSpiderGod


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Posted 18 November 2012 - 07:45 PM

...Also it could be a trait instead of a condition...

Replacing Reanimator's useless Jagged Horror with this would make my day. It'd also fit right into Death Magic IMHO.
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