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Posted 18 November 2012 - 07:58 PM

About Twisted Mindz

Twisted Mindz is a motivated, global guild backed up by a great staff. In a nutshell: A solid, experienced organization here to help you with both attaining your gaming goals and forfilling your daily quota of enjoyment! As a guild we are looking forward to fun-filled gaming experiences and working together to improve ourselves in game content. The member base of our guild covers people from all over the world, making us 'Global' in the true sense of the word. However, for convenience we all speak and express ourselves in world's #1 language -- English.
For more information on the guild, what we offer, the application process and and any other information that you wanted to know... ..You can always PM any member of the TM staff or send a private message on the forums. We can communicate via Skype or Teamspeak if you want to talk person to person!

Expectations and goals:

Right now we are fully geared for the new content Fractals of the Mist (Exotic). We are aiming to ensures ever member gets a chance at Ascended equipment and will progress as far as we can possibly can in FoTM. We also participate in WvW, often breaking off from the zerg and traveling out into the world looking for prey to kill! Lastly we are interested in forming a Tpvp team(s) if interest is shown. In this context we are looking for friendly, open-minded soulmates, casual as well as hardcore gamers, willing to develop together and help the guild to move forward.

We want to build up a faithfull, trustful and above all an honest community. Don’t hesitate to talk to one of our officers if you have any in-game problems or you don’t feel comfortable about whatsoever. In order to prevent people from rage-quitting the guild and to figure out whether you’re a good match for the guild, it is asked that you participate in a 1 week trial phase. During that time you should show activity within the guild be it representing, using guild chat, using our voice chat server, participating in instance runs or any other basic activities together.
Of course we understand the importance of real life occupations such as study and work. Being inactive for a certain period of time is not a problem, just drop a message on the forums when you are going away and approximately when you will be back (if known). If you vanish without a trace we cannot guarantee your stay, especially if we are low on space.
Currently all classes and levels are welcome to join us however we will not tollerate the use of magic find armour in dungeon runs unless the party is in agreement. Anyhow please check our website regulary since we are posting recruitment infos there as well.

What we offer:
  • Good Community: We have people from all over the world and we hope to catch new members, they should simply share Activity, helpfulness, kindness, dedication and competitive abilities. Surely you will be able to find like-minded people here and help the community grow.!
  • Forum: You should also keep an eye on our forum. Here you will be able to check our game sections for all your needs like strategies & guides, find the latest guild news and talk about a wide range of subjects. We are currently working on a site , meanwhile we will have a temporary one.
  • Teamspeak: We have a 100+ user 24/7 voice chat server on Teamspeak. Usually you will always find someone to chat with there. Details can be found on the website.
  • Competitive in PvP: We seek to have quite a few people among our ranks who wants to kick some asses :oP.
  • Active in PvE: Right now, this will be our main focus in Guild Wars 2. We try to gear up our members and also get as far as we can in the new content, Fractals of the Mist. Anyhow that also includes your will to change builds in case it’s necessary to help the guild to improve.
  • New to the game? No problem!: You will find useful informations, updates, guides, links and advice from our players on the forum to help you out for a good start. And dont hesitate to ask for help in-game.
  • Events: Once set, we will frequently host events, both in-game and on forum. Participate and you might be able to win nice prizes !
  • Staff & Structure: What makes Twisted Mindz different from other one-day guilds is the fact that we have a professional officer team and a solid guild structure with people that have more than 8 years mmo experience.
Joining Twisted Mindz

Simply go to our temporary website www.twisted-mindz.enjin.com , submit an application and you will receive an answer within 12 hours.

Being part of the Staff

We are still a new guild, we start only a few days ago and our member base is growing fast, we do apply the quality>quantity rule. And this is why we have a small application process, and a trialship.

We are currently looking for:

PvE officer
PvP Officer
Recruiting Officer

If intrested in one of the positions, you can simply apply for it on the forums or via pm. The content of your application is totally up to you.

More details on the ranks and their actual names can be found on the website.

The bigger the guild ets the more of them will be needed.
Once there is a position that has to be filled we will post it on the forums.

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Posted 29 November 2012 - 12:40 AM

Update since last time:

Twisted Mindz will now focus on Guild wars 2 and Guild wars 2 only, the advertisement thread has been changed accordingly

Our member base grew pretty well the past 10 days. We have a great bunch of mature players, The average is most likely around 28-ish. Going from 20 years old till 45 years old.

We are now looking for potential staff members to fill in our new ranks, more information about that can be found on our website

Still in search of nice peeps to hang out with, casual and hardcore!

www.twisted-mindz.enjin.com !
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Posted 13 December 2012 - 09:03 PM

Bring Up My Post!

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