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Bromine Oxygen [BrO] on Isle of Janthir


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Posted 19 November 2012 - 11:02 AM

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[BrO] is Recruiting!

Bromine Oxygen is a small, versatile community that believes in dynamic gaming. Our philosophy is gaming should be the escape that it is intended to be. Interaction is the keystone to our community structure. We would like to flesh out the ranks of our humble group and gracefully amplify our presence on Isle of Janthir. Synergy is important within our ranks. To create this atmosphere, our leaders check in with the community to see where help is needed, group for dungeon runs, assist in daily goals, or just to see what's happening IRL. BrO strives to keep the intimate nature of our community as we grow and would like each member to have a personalized experience within our populace.



Recruitment Application:



  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must log in at least once a week/let us know where you are (as we do not want to have a bunch of dead ranks)
  • Have a sense of humor, for goodness sake!
  • If you would like to enjoy our Influence bonuses, we do ask that you represent our guild
  • Communicable English skills are a must
  • We use OovoO or Skype as our communication resources. We do not require webcam-enabled chat, however a microphone is a must. The reason we chose these platforms is that they are free to use, easily accessible and sign-up is a breeze.
Your Expectations Matter!

As a guild, we try to achieve a balance of what our members expect from us and what is realistic. When you choose to join Bromine Oxygen, the following is insured;
  • A friendly, drama-free environment
  • Knowledgeable guidance
  • Frequent, interactive game play
  • Solutions to problems in a timely manner
  • An up-to-date website with our current events
  • Weekly gatherings and events
  • The assistance of our top-tier crafting community
  • Continual boons (that we poll so our members can choose which bonuses they need the most)

Thank you for considering Bromine Oxygen!

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