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WvW build Mjölnir

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#1 Coarr


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Posted 20 November 2012 - 04:31 PM

hi everyone,

im coarr from the german server kodash and i want to share my hammer/support/wvw roaming build with you. first of all excuse my english, it is not my first language. second i am a guide virin so i expect to make a lot of mistakes, be indulgent with me ;)

lets start with the purpose of the build:

- i do roam solo or in a duo with a high dps thief with a uniqe build im not allowed to share. sry :)
- my first focus lies in mobility. in my oppinion it is the key to succed in wvw. the build keeps swiftness up 100% of the time. it is important to run from A to B, to keep up with your comrades, to chase your prey und most important, to run away from the zerg. the only class that can catch up with me is a thief
- second point is survivability. if you die you are no help in any way. condition removal, the block ability and of course a high toughness helps a lot.
- third is support. warrior has some great ways to support his team, for me the CC the hammer offers combined with some shout healing/condition removal works best
- fourth, short skill down times. your fights will last long in wvw, enemys add, some run bunker builds ect. all my skills have 30 sec or less downtime.


armor: full knight with 2x rune of monk, 2x rune of water, ( 2 runes i havent decide yet, change them every day ) with the runes you get a boon duration increase of 30%, more infos to come

weapon: knight hammer with sigil of air, knight sword with sigil of air and knight shield with sigil of hydromancy

accessoire: full invader

jewel: full saphir

backslot: guild backpack ( str, vit, tou )


weapon skills:

hammer is your main fighting weapon with a lot of cc and nice dmg

sword/shield set is a gab closer/opener with sword skill 2, a nice immobilize with the f1 skill ( great for binding thiefs in stealth ^^ ) and skill 5 a nice anti projectile weapon with the reflect trait


mending. average healing, nice CD and condition removal.


for great justice. 3 stacks of might, fury ( not needed ) and some aoe healing

shake it off. remove one condition and heal aoe.

pain inverter ( sry for every not asura, i recommend signet of stamina, which i run in a group scenario ) great for bursting thief down ( they burst down themself if they dont pay attention and thats the case in most fights ^^


signet of rage. 100% up time with the runeset and traits. a must have. 5 stacks might, fury and swiftness



strenght: 0

arms: 0

defense: 25 health reg based on adrenalin is nice, 5% toughness convertet into power gives you 100 more.

-V missile deflection ( great for fights against ranger or for run away purpose )

-X merciless hammer ( must have if your main weapon is the hammer )

tactics: 30

-I leg specialist ( the greatest skill ever. 1 sec immobilize when ever you cripple a foe. lovin it ^^ )

-VII shrug it off ( some extra healing and condition removal, always on CD in wvw )

-XII vigorious shouts ( nothing to explain here )

discipline: 15 15% more crit dmg, faster weapon switching. a must have

-VI signet mastery for the upkeeping of signet of rage + more condition removal if you run with the signet of stamina

final attributes

power: 2093 ( + perma might 8, +25 stacks bloodlust, + buff foot and sharpening stone: 2623 )
precision: 1338
toughness: 2004
vitality: 1470
crit chance: 40% ( with perma fury )
crit dmg: 165
healing power: 400

pro and con

+high mobile
+ lot of condition removal
+ good support and cc
+high boon uptime ( perma )
- long cd on sigil of rage. sucks if someone removes boons
- no high burst

thank you for reading. i hope the layout is clear and all questions are answered.
plz discuss.

Edited by Coarr, 20 November 2012 - 05:03 PM.

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#2 Don Zaloog

Don Zaloog

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Posted 20 November 2012 - 07:34 PM

I have a very similar build to yours. I have Soldier's gear, weapons, and runes with Knight's trinkets and Zerk jewelry.

I run 10/0/30/30/0 picking up Death from Above (Strength), Embrace the Pain, Shield Mastery, Merciless Hammer (Defense), Leg Specialist, Shrug it Off, Vigorous Shouts (Tactics). Embrace the Pain, imo, is essential to WvW. It basically gives you full adrenaline nearly all the time. Death From Above is extremely helpful in WvW as well.

As for sigils, Rune of Hydromancy has a 9 sec cool down while your weapon swap is on 5 with the Fast Hands trait. I use Rune of Hydromancy on my hammer and shield so that whenever I swap weapons, it's guaranteed to proc. I use bloodlust for my sword.

Finally for skills I take meding, bull's charge, shake it off, and endure pain. Overall really fun build and is pretty effective chasing and at stun locking opponents.
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