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You are not making it easy for me to answer, let me try again

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Posted 21 November 2012 - 02:40 AM


It seems you already expected this thread to be locked or deleted, but I didn't just close this to meet your expectations. There are many valid reasons threads, comments, etc. may be deleted or otherwise removed from Arenanet's official forum/Facebook, if you have an issue with something being "censored" you should address your concerns to Arenanet directly as the posts and threads themselves were removed on an individual basis."

No i actually did not expect the thread to be locked. If you look at the post, the part about expecting it to be closed was part of my original post at the official forum - And they did close it. I posted here to proove that this actually happens like i described. I am well aware that ArenaNet deletes for many reasons - What I am trying to state is that a lot of these reasons are not legimate at all, and i think people should be aware of this. I should adress my concerns to ArenaNet directly, yes - And that is exactly what i did, only to have the post removed. I do think it is very relevant the way they "moderate". Some of the answers i got before they closed my post on official forums was that people recognized the censure i described in my post. Furthermore, something i refrained from posting, is that while they merge all kinds of negative feedback into 1 thread going hundreds of pages long by now, they leave all the appreciation posts out in the wild. I agree this happens too. I don't like it one bit, and this was where i thought this could get exposed a bit, i am sorry if i was mistaken.

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Edit 2: Please hang on for just 5 minutes locking the topic; I'd like some chance to maybe reply, so i don't have to spam new threads every time :(

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Posted 21 November 2012 - 02:49 AM

Posting about your thread getting removed is not the only way, and certainly isn't the best way, to contest your post/thread being deleted on their forum. You could email them, open a support thread, or contact them in some non-public way.

In any case, this still isn't the place to discuss their decisions to close and delete certain posts.
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