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Rifle Glory Farm Machine

rilfe farming warrior

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#1 bananarama


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Posted 21 November 2012 - 05:42 PM

Hey guys

This is a farming build for Spvp Warrior.
NOTE: This build is not recommended to be played in Tpvp.

At first my build and why i chose what:

1: Your main damage output. Constant Bleeding and Piercing. Nothing ti say
2: Due to Leg Specialist a great immobilize in either kiting, chasing, escaping
3. Quick burst dmg. Nothing to say. Most effective when quickness proccs.
4. Apply vulnerability: Only useful when other people are around to gain advantage of this shot.
5. Your main skill to keep foes away from you/reviving their teammates, finishing your teammates. Great distance quick activate

1: Bleeding chain, nothing to say.
2: Combo finisher leap, gap closer to finish people, quick movement
3: Due to leg specialist a short immobilize, while chasing or setting up a shield bash (immo=no evade)
4: shield bash: gap closer short stun
5: surviving burst dmg (e.g. thief quickness heartseeker chain)

if you want more mobility place a warhorn in your inv. when you capped a point or get revived equip it, hit 5 and get your shield back on.

Mending: in my opinion the best healing skill u can have. 2 Cond remove, Due to restorative strength you heal even more cond (especially movement preventigs)

Throw bolas: Keep the distance, chase, escape

Stomp: knock away enemies, stop reviving, finishing. And you got a really quick casted blast finish.

Balanced stance: if u get stunlocked, dont want to be interrupted when finishing or reviving.

Signet of Rage: Granting you the most important buffs and removing all conds. due to the lyssa runes

Full strength for max damage and cond duration.
Restorative strength, berserkers power and physical training should be self explaining.

Full crit for the bleeding advantage due to your autohits applying a bleeding on every attack.

10 in tactics for the leg specialist, having more immobilizes

Full Lyssa:
Signet of Rage can be used to escape or engage, cuz u get every buff
you get more precision and longer bleeding.

Sigil of rage on the rifle for max dmg output
Sigil of earth on the sword for even more bleeds
Sigil of bloodlust on the shield for the stacking buff


As mentioned you just want to get as much glory as possible.
So get yourself a nice position at graveyard, keep etc and start firing you will spread your damage and bleeds quite quickly. Always try to position yourself so that u can hit as much targets as possible. watch out for combofields to use stomp. keep people away with your rifle butt and try to help your allys with bolas. ├┤nly hit your killshot if quickness has procced, for minimum cast time.
if your getting hit too hard: get your balanced stance activate signet of rage hit shield stance and run for your life

as you play youll notice your really squishy. so keep moving and dodging for staying alive.

Pros of this build:
- quick glory by hitting full groups of players
- good chasing opportunities
- lots of immobilizes
- good dmg output
- strong even against tons of mezmer clones (if your position yourself well)

- low defense
- weak against stealthing thiefes, meele ele
- totally shitty in tournaments

thats it.
if your have any reccomendations pls comment
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#2 SpelignErrir


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Posted 23 November 2012 - 01:34 AM

Berserker's jewel + sword = ???
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#3 bananarama


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Posted 23 November 2012 - 11:29 AM

sword is just for the movement, what else would u recommend with the shield?
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#4 SpelignErrir


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Posted 24 November 2012 - 01:56 AM

If you're going to go with berserker trinkets, use axe. If you're set on sword, rampager's is a better choice.
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#5 Greenfish


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Posted 29 November 2012 - 04:39 AM

If you're going to go with berserker trinkets, use axe. If you're set on sword, rampager's is a better choice.

This is a rifle build im assuming the burst from the rifle is where a large portion of damage comes from, sword & board is a great combo even if your not a condition warrior its mainly for interupts\blocks\cripple\gap closer\and retreating using the gap closer. Its merely used for support with the rifle and rifle should be used 90% of the time. also Into the mists build editor is much better for spvp\tpvp build set ups.

Edited by Greenfish, 29 November 2012 - 04:42 AM.

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#6 Malamaki


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Posted 13 December 2012 - 09:04 AM

I find pure glass cannons inefficient in hot join environment. To get most glory it's best to be active in combat as much as possible, so having to run away if you get focused is not preferable. Also there are plenty of players running around with tunnel vision glass cannon builds (Backstab Thieves and Frenzy 100b Warriors seem to be most popular) who just love squishy ranged players.

With that in mind I have been getting pretty good mileage in hotjoin spvp from the following Rifle/Hammer build:


The idea is to have an all around good balance of offense and defense to be effective in 1 on 1 and group fights. I pack enough punch to be dangerous with the rifle and bring serious trouble in melee with the hammer and group utility from shouts. On the defense side there is decent survivability from toughness and good condition removal combined with the stuns and knockbacks.

Tips & Tricks

Rifle 5 -> Hammer 5 -> Hammer 4 -> Hammer 2: Nice stunlock combo that does suprisingly high damage, perfect for finishing somebody after volley from the rifle or prepping them to be blasted to bits after, or both.

Use rifle only for unloading a full broadside or sniping with the burst skill, the auto attack ain't worth much besides chasing half dead people.

Hammer burst is very powerful and useful, aoe stun, good damage and a blast finisher as cherry on top. Don't bother waiting for full adrenaline, use when ever available. Hammer Burst -> Hammer 4 -> Revive is a great way to save a team mate, if it's very thick you still have the Fear Me! in reserve.

Usually I start with the rifle by unloading on any target of opportunity, jump into to bash around with the hammer and switch back to rifle. Basically it's Burst -> CC -> Burst -> CC rinse and repeat.

On gear & spec choices:

Berserker is for the damage.
Shout utilities & the runes are my personal favorite, good all around tools and I have plenty of offensive options from the weapons.
Blood rune on rifle for bit of extra burst and survivability, Bloodlust stacking on Hammer since you usually finish people in melee.
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